Great addon but with a HUGE BUG Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This is the perfect autocopy addon compared to the others,because it lets you use the autocopy function only whenever you need it in the most efficient and fastest way possible.
For instance If you want to use both the autocopy function and edit the texts you are writing in the text fields,this addon is the only way to do it.

BUT i have discovered a huge bug which makes it pretty useless for me: it prevents the middle click paste of copied text into the text field of the findbar.You can middle click paste the text in the urlbar and the searchbar,but not in the findbar.

Now the thing is that if you enable in the about:config panel the setting middlemouse.paste,the middle click paste works fine in the findbar while using this addon,BUT whenever you restart the browser this addon automatically disables the middlemouse.paste and the middle paste in findbar stops working again.

I have tested the above in a clean profile of FF,with the Middle Click Paste setting in the addon,both enabled and disabled,and the problem remains the same in all the instances.The middle click paste in the finbar doesnt work and the middlemouse.paste setting resets to false when i restart the browser.

Please,could the developer fix this problem so that middle paste works in the findbar as well? or at least if there is a way to prevent the addon from changing the middlemouse.paste setting in the about:config into false whenever i restart the browser?

Otherwise i cant use this addon which is shame because as i said it is the perfect autocopy addon. :/

ps.i cant use the right click context menu to paste the text in the findbar because it doesnt appear when i use the Autohide Findbar addon which i need it.But to clarify, that has nothing to do with ClickCutter's bug because as i said this bug appears in a clean profile with only ClickCutter installed,so it has nothing to do with other addons.