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The wind that blows one door shut opens another door, and after no luck my Clear Fields .RDF for FF 3.6, I uninstalled Clear Fields and came here. I'm discovering I much prefer using this extension, which I do in combo with XClear.

Click&Clean is pretty powerful, and you can tweak it to simply clear your fields—my original intent, as I was using it to replace Clear Fields. But then I noticed how you can link it to your CCleaner, and you can choose to clean up anything you want with 2 keystrokes. Plus you can tweak an optional after-surf box which enacts your CCleaner with a single keystroke the moment you close Firefox. I like Click&Clean especially because it's your call whether you use it for light clearing or a much more heavy-duty tool.

(I'd never heard of it before, so this is totally unsolicited. I'm just very impressed.)

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