CLGaming_FireFox Version History

8 versions

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Version 1.06 469.8 kB Works with Firefox 18.0 and later

Repack using SDK 1.14

Version 1.05 467.1 kB Works with Firefox 18.0 and later

Fixed defect where stream key was displaying.
Upgraded to SDK 1.13.2

Version 1.04 466.3 kB Works with Firefox 14.0 and later

- performance improvements
- updated to addon SDK v1.12

Version 1.03 451.9 kB Works with Firefox 13.0 and later

Fixed security issue where DOM nodes were being created from HTML strings containing unsanitized data

Version 1.00 431.1 kB Works with Firefox 15.0 and later

- Updated Addon Kit to 1.10 to fix issue where stream was not being loaded in a new tab.
- Closed panel on selecting stream link - user requested enhancement

Version 0.06 434.2 kB Works with Firefox 7.0 and later

Switched to Add-on Kit 1.2.1

Repacked with shorter name to work around "<your add-on=""> could not be installed because Firefox cannot modify the needed file" known issue.

Version 0.05.3 434.2 kB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 and later

Version 0.05.2 440.3 kB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 and later