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Andrew Stetson

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Why was CLGaming_FireFox created?

I wanted to get better at LoL so I started watching pro streams. I saw that there was a chrome add-on, but nothing for Firefox so I made something up. If you ever have problems with the tool send me an e-mail I'm always willing to help.

In general, I'm interested in making tools that will help the LoL community. I'm always interested in helping with new idea/projects. Hopefully, you enjoy this tool and maybe it will even help you be a better LoL player.

What's next for CLGaming_FireFox

I'm always looking for new idea on future features. Feel free to leave feedback!

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Andrew Stetson
User since August 1, 2011
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 4 out of 5 stars