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  • I really love using this add-on along with FEBE. However, it is unsigned and disabled for Firefox v50.0. Could you please get your add-on signed?

    edit: Honestly, I was using v6.2 but I had to remove it and re-install it from here, following your advice.
    It is all good now. THANK YOU!

    Developer response

    CLEO v6.2 (the one on this page) IS signed and compatible with Fx v50. Please use the support forum if you need help.

  • This may be a wonderful pair of addons, but a video set-up tutorial or even a printed one would be very helpful.

    I also get error message that FEBE needs to be installed for Cleo to work, but FEBE is installed (latest version) and the link in the forum is not helpful.

    I am not particularly computer savvy (as are many people). Cleo & FEBE seem to be paired, why isn't there just the one addon, with step by step directions. It took me 8 tries to get Cleo set up and now I get this error message.
  • The "overwrite options" feature defaults to "abort" and cannot be changed to either of the other two options.
  • CLEO rocks even in the time of Sync!
    But there is NO, NADA, NULL alternatives for Thunderbird atm fmpov!

    I would be really more than happy to see anything for Thunderbird like CLEO.
  • Chuck, you concluded your "About Add-on" description by saying the following for CLEO 6.0.

    Quote: "NOTE: If you are getting a message complaining about not having the correct version of FEBE installed (and you know the correct version is installed) see this post in the support forum."

    I had FEBE 8.2 and was having this problem, above, so went to your website for CLEO and installed 6.0.1. Restarting Firefox seems to indicate that the problem is corrected, for the warning about CLEO not working until ... isn't appearing anymore. But, I checked the CLEO options and don't have one for not checking the version of FEBE, as you described in your first post of the forum thread for the problem quoted, above. So, I just wanted to inform you of this and then see what there'd be for reply.

    Well, your forum login registration rejects GMail accounts that have usernames containing a period or dot in the username portion preceding the @ sign or symbol, saying that GMail accounts can't have these periods or dots. Well, mine always has and it's the email address used for Mozilla as well as several other websites. They don't have any problem with periods in GMail usernames.

    I have two other e-mail accounts, one with Yahoo! and the other with the ISP I use. The latter e-mail address has a period in the username while the Yahoo! one doesn't, but I don't want to use it for your forum. The Yahoo! account is for stuff I don't have and don't want sent to my other two accounts, both of which thankfully receive far less.

    I don't know if the reason your website refuses GMail usernames containing periods is due to your own personal preference, for whatever reasons you might have for that, or if it's because your login registration software is mis-coded, or ...; but, if it's due to your own preference, say, then I wonder what on Earth the reason could be. What could possibly be wrong with using periods as separators for different parts of usernames for any types of Internet accounts? Many people use periods and underscore or underbar characters for separating parts of usernames in order to make them easier to read, say.

    With the GMail account, the period was added by me, but in the case of the ISP, it's the company that included the period.

    I don't want to use Yahoo! for using your support forums for your Firefox add-ons and don't think that it's possible to create a second GMail account for free. I once tried to do that and it didn't work, anyway.

    And I didn't want to post this comment here but couldn't find an e-mail contact link anywhere at your website; not in the pages that were checked anyway. Hence, addons.mozilla.org was the only possibility.

    Developer response

    You can still use your gmail account for registration, just leave out the periods.

    See http://www.customsoftwareconsult.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=293 for more information.
  • Good
  • Top sehr nützliche Erweiterung.
  • Works. Would be nice if it could include the settings AND the add-ons in one package.

    Developer response

    OPIE (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/opie/) is a companion to FEBE and CLEO that does just that. It will export any extension preferences and imported into another profile or Fx installation.

    While it won't put the add-on and the preferences into a single package, it will allow importing of one or several preference files at one time from a single package.
  • Been on Cleo and Febe off and on for a long time, never had a problem other than "learnbing curve" probs. Adding Box.com was great too.
  • veryyyy good
    the best
    please update for new version Firefox
  • I expected more from this addon.
    Exported 51/70 addons. Had to manually select the profile folder they're stored in.
    Might aswell keep doing what i've always done: regularly compress the entire profile folder onto a rar backup and save it.
    For this extension to be useful, make it save ALL addons.
    For it to be practical, make it do so automatically.

    edit: thank you for your explanation Chuck. I wasn't aware CLEO used FEBE's backups. That makes sense. Allow me suggest to add that information to the addon help on the "Items to package" field. For a first time user, it isn't very clear. Sorry for the misinformed bad review.

    Developer response

    I don't believe you understand what this extension does. It does not directly export installed add-ons, but only add-on backups created with FEBE. You should not be looking in your profile folder, but rather your FEBE backup destination folder.

    If you would like help understanding what CLEO does, please post in my support forum (http://www.customsoftwareconsult.com/phpBB2/index.php)
  • ff4 update?
  • Hi! Great AddOn, but isn't there any way to donate?

    Developer response

    Yes, there is. Thanks for asking!

    There is a "Please tip your programmer" link near the bottom of the CLEO homepage (http://softwarebychuck.com/cleo/cleo.html)
  • One of the mass installers available today is CLEO, is either most up to date or most complex if we follow and use its promised features.
    Some may not understand how to use it even after downloading the FEBE extension.
    And like was already said before in reviews some of the preferences of the extensions backed up with FEBE were not saved and reinstalled by CLEO.
    Anyway ... I'll keep an eye on Chuck Baker's products and use them because as he said the extensions collections can be shared with web users through only one click on the (collection) package address.
    At this hour CLEO is part of the best to have extensions especially if you work with 20-30 or more and have to reinstall them oftenly.
  • To Whichy
    Is it made backup of the extension in FEBE?
    in FEBE Option.
    Please check it in Selective or Both in Backup Type and Backup extensions in Backup items, and backup on FEBE.
    1.[Tools]menu > [FEBE] > [CLEO] > [Create cleopack]
    2.Input the [Enter cleopack name].
    3.[Select items to package]button Click and choose the extensins to include in a package.
    4.[Create cleopack]button Click.
  • Thanks, nice tool.

    You may need to rename it before you get one of those silly threatening legal letters. Cleo is a registered trademark of Cleo Communications.

    Mabye CLEpac or Kleo?
  • vamos a checar...............................
  • "Create cleopack" button is enabled but not working/doing anything. I am using 3.5.7 firefox..Pls help anybody
  • thanks teacher!
  • Awesome extension! FEBE has long been one of my essentials and this companion compliments it perfectly. Two minutes and I had a single .xpi ready to go with all of my extensions in it.
  • Awesome extension! FEBE has long been one of my essentials and this companion compliments it perfectly. Two minutes and I had a single .xpi ready to go with all of my extensions in it.
  • aunque no lo he probado, supongo que su funcionamiento debe ser similar al de FEBE... excelente trabajo, estoy seguro que tiene la misma calidad que su trabajamo más conocido ;)
  • You are truly my hero. You have done it. You found out a way to back up extensions (OPIE) and install them effortlessly (CLEO). It's the next best thing to an extension synchronizer there is out there. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You currently have the most useful extensions out there! The firefox community owes you bigtime!!!
  • muy buena, si señor
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