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Could this be used in essentially the same way as the I.E "Define With..." accelerators, in which I could highlight a word on the page & then choose a dictionary- or, even better, thesaurus- channel (ie accelerator) to then see the definitions in the preview window without having to leave the page at all for a dif. tab or window? For ex: the "Search w/ Bing/Google" accelerators which preview word Bing/Google definitions within the little pop-up.

Because that is really the point of the accelerators- to acquire small bits of info- definitions, conversions, maps, etc- about selected text, without having to leave your page- you can even perform entire searches within the little pop-up without ever going to new tab- which is my suggestion to make this more useful:

It would be nice to be able to continue clicking links within the little pop-up without it closing & sending you to a new page/tab/window- (a la I.E Accelerators) and if/when you want to leave it, there is a link at the bottom that you can click to "Open in a New Tab".
Otherwise, you're really just avoiding the inevitable- you can either just open a new tab & do a search, or do a search with Cleeki, preview results in small pop-up, only to open a new tab anyway once you click the results(?)