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  • take it back appeared to work at first when modified for 6.* but doesn't afterall :/

  • works fine I used drewski3420 instructions for 6.0.2 i.e. 6.0.* works fine.

  • This still works, but you have to "Install Anyway" when you try to add it. After it's installed, you then use the Add-on Compatibility Reporter (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/) to enable un-updated addons. Then the addon should work after a restart.

  • I just followed drewski3420's instructions for 5.0 and it works great. Instead of 4.0.*, used 5.0.*

  • I've used this for a while, and it works great. To use in Firefox 4, you'll have to download the .xpi file (right-click on 'Add to Firefox' and select 'Save Link As...'). Open the file with an archive program (Winzip, WinRar, 7Zip, etc). Extract the install.rdf file. Open with a text editor, and change the text between the tags to read 4.0.*. Save the file, then drag it back to the xpi archive. Open the xpi with Firefox (File>Open File).

  • please update this sweet add-on

  • Perfect add-on. Never understood why the default setting leaves the search query there. It only adds burden to next search. @V10R37 It works for both enter and search key on my Ubuntu 10.10, FF 3.6.13.

  • nice and clean, would be great if it would be already in the Firefox settings

  • Working fine! Thanks for this addon.

  • Does not work at all on FF 3.6.3 on Mac

  • It works great. The only case where it doesn't work is when selecting an auto-completed search.

  • This doesn't seem to function at all for me in Firefox 3.5.7. It has no visible effect on either the default Firefox search bar or the Google toolbar addon search field.

  • My one complaint is that it fails to clear the field if you tap down and allow the site you're searching to auto-complete your query. In my case this means a lot of my searches go uncleared.

  • This add-on works great on 3.6. Thanks!!

  • not working, clears the search bar and open a blank search page.

  • After a day or two of usage, I did start having the issues that were previously mentioned. Clearing the search bar randomly and launching a blank Google search page(clears the bar before the search takes place).

  • Nice and simple add-on, works well. There should be an option in the default Firefox about this. I was tired of people seeing what I searched.

  • I'm running Firefox 3.5.5 on Win 2000 and this Add-on simply does not work on my system. In addition to only clearing the search field randomly, when it does clear the field it also sends a blank search form out causing Google to come up to the main page.

  • Perfect! Does exactly what it says with no problems. Maybe you could add an option (toggle on/off) to reset back to a default search engine after performing a search. Thank youu!

  • What a great add-on. Why would you want to manually clear text every time you search a word? This seems counterintuitive. In addition, your text is just left there for everyone to see.

    This does exactly what it says, it automatically clears the search bar whenever you search a term or phrase from the firefox search bar. It clears once you click on the button or press Enter. And if you want to modify your search term, you can now do it on the webpage itself.

    It is because of this feature that I now actually use the search bar. A very useful feature that should come by default for all browsers.

    Many thanks :)

  • This addon only clears the search bar if I click the icon, not if I press enter to search. So it really doesn't work for me. (this is on Linux)

  • I love this add-on!

  • Great add-on. This should be an included feature in Firefox. It's annoying to have to clear the search box after every search so that my wife doesn't see the porn searches I've made.

  • Great add-on. This should be an included feature in Firefox. It's annoying to have to clear the search box after every search so that my wife doesn't see the porn searches I've made.

  • I frequently found myself manually clearing the FF search bar after every search. This extension simply and easily eliminates the need to do this. I have not noted any problems after a couple of weeks of use.

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