59 reviews for this add-on
  • Been using this for years. Please update for webextensions so I can continue to use this excellent and needed addon for firefox 57 and above.. Thanks
  • Very useful
  • please update to Quantum - best on Linux
  • Very useful extension. Very please for Firefox Quantum version!
  • Very useful extension, please update it to Webexension for support Firefox 57+!
  • Simple, useful, perfect.
  • Great idea!

    This should be an option in Firefox by default.

    Will be 5-Stars when it works on the Find bar as well!
  • Работает. Нравится.
  • Very useful but it doesn't work on Findbar.
  • Great idea! works well for the most part, but does not work with radios - does not clear radio selection.
  • В версии 13.0.1 в панельке "Найти" после установки этого дополнения отключается контекстное меню.
  • A must-have for Linux/Unix/X11 systems.
  • Now ClearFields works perfectly.
    Thank you!
    The developer corrected a mistake in a fast manner to Version 4.0.3.
    5 Stars ;-)
  • Cool work there Alex! :) nice job!
    what are you going to do next? ;)
  • Good job!

    Btw, it's NOT show/working in BLANK tab (search web, bookmarks...)
  • Support for Firefox 4.0! Thank you,Alex "wired" Alexander!
  • ... Need it updated for FF 4! Please!
  • I love this extension. But since today I'm using xclear as it takes up less space. How about adding an option to Clear Fields to integrate the clear buttons for URL and search field into the field like xclear does?
  • It no longer works, so it falls to one star.
    For 3.6, I had no luck bumping Clear Fields by editing the .RDF in the time-honoured way. The .XPI still didn't work.

    —So I've uninstalled Clear Fields and now I'm using the combination of Click&Clean and XClear. This combo doesn't do things exactly the same way, but in a few ways I actually prefer it, because, in addition to the field-clearing, it links up your CCleaner for really effortless apres-surf cleans or wipes. You can tweak it to any/all degrees of what you want to clear.
  • I use both Clear Fields and Xclear. Xclear has better integration with toolbars, there is no spearate button next to each field. But Xclear doesn't have 'Clear All Input Fields' on page like Clear Fields have. If there was an add on that combines those elements it would be a winner.
  • As others have mentioned, in FF3.6, clear 'Find' field is no longer available. Hopefully this extension is still being supported and will be updated. Thank you.
  • I concur with John's comments below. Cannot Clear the FIND window.
  • This extension seems to be broken in FF 3.6. I can no longer make a "Clear Field" button appear in the search bar (Control-F). Also, I can't access the extension's options. Not sure if I was able to do so before though.
  • Works as advertised, great tool!
  • Nicely done... Absolutely necessary! Can't even imagine my firefox without it! Congrats! You deserve a big big kiss :ppp