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  • Fantastic extension for Firefox versions <57

  • great addon! update to ff57+?

  • Thanks for this great add-on.
    Any plans for a new version ?

  • Please make a compatible version for SeaMonkey!

  • Please make it compatible with Firefox Quantum!

  • Great addon.

  • Excellent addon!

  • when I click "open cleaner" it's simply no response

  • Super addon!
    Do not forget the compatibility with Firefox 57.

  • Great cleanup utility when uninstalling add-ons! A lot like CleanMyMac 3's uninstall utility where it cleans up depencies and left over files that are associated with the add-on.

  • I have been frustrated for a time now with an addon I accidentally added to Firefox. With Clean Uninstall I got rid of this pest quickly and easily.

  • A++, miss it, hope for webextensions version, or is it even necessary anymore?

  • Firefox 55 lists this addon as "legacy". Please convert it to WebExtensions!

  • good

  • It seems to me that Clean Uninstaller is not able to find the preferences of the new WebExtensions. I tried it with a couple of WebExtensions and the preferences remained after I uninstalled and reinstalled them.
    And, by the way, Clean Uninstaller is not yet a WebExtension. I hope the developer will update it for Firefox 57.

  • Does the job that the creator claims.

  • please add button to open cleaner...

  • Thanks.

  • Light on power drain, does what it says, no annoying popups/tabs. Thanks!
    FF 53.0.2 OX X 10.4.3

  • Wow love this extension thank you, what better way to keep Firefox from crashing, thank you.

  • Although not frequent I have had on a number of occasions had to reprofile ff. I am hoping that this add-on will reduce these occurences! Thank you to the author

  • Very good add-on,This add-on will help me alot , Thanks a alot.

  • Does the job. Allow us to have a clean Firefox profile by deleting the preferences of uninstalled extensions. All that pesky things we never delete usually.

    @Humbert your tests are not good, it's perfectly working.

  • I've run tests with about 6 different extensions. When I attempt to remove them a new browser window generated by this extension comes up and shows nothing except a few words at the top and bottom. This happens even when attempting to remove settings-heavy add-ons such as Ublock Origin.

  • Please add the option for open the configuration for check each selected entries before deletion.
    In addition:
    - The panel must remain open after deletion and closed by user, not automatically.
    - The panel appear also when an extension is only disabled not removed.

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