Great theme Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is *the* well made space saver. Works really well, and the author tries diligently to keep it compatible with other very widely used exts, such as Tab Mix Plus (there have been issues there in the past).

One thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to switch between all the different types of arrows -- in my Classic Compact Options in FF11 there's no menu called "Toolbar arrow style". So I've never been able to check out what it looks like with all the different variants of arrows available in the theme.

And: after installing the CCO extension, it displays a tab with an example page showing all the various alternative of buttons etc, I lost this tab and now I just cannot find the page which it displayed anymore..!

There's one oddity that I've seen; choosing Toolbar buttons = Firefox 3 WinXP & Display toolbar button borders: Only back/forward
will also put button borders on the Bookmarks and History buttons (they both have drop down menu markers). That's probably not supposed to happen.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for feedback

Hi Var3gen,

First the URL to the "first run" page you are referring to is: chrome://classiccompactoptions/skin/help/FirstRun.xhtml

It starts with "chrome://" because the page is housed within the add-on rather than on the Internet.

To get all the different arrow styles requires using different combinations of settings and switching between small and large icons in the "customize toolbar" pane. For instance to get a green "keyhole" arrow that is square instead of round, you need to set your back/forward background color to green your border corner styling to squared corners and uncheck "use small buttons" on the customize toolbar pane. Experimenting with different options combinations may give you configurations I hadn't even considered.

In regards to the bookmarks button, no that is not intended, I just never noticed it because I don't ever see that button in my configurations. I'll make sure it is fixed in the next version.