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  • Updating review. It originally didn't work for me (clicking the "inspect" button on the ChroPath tab didn't appear to do anything) but when the developer responded to my first review, I reinstalled it, changed the developer tools pane to dock to bottom and suddenly it began to work. Seems to operate just fine now. If you find it's not working, try this out.
    Please follow this video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZnMieaLY8c
    It should work and very soon ChroPath 5.0 is coming for firefox as well similar like available for Chrome then you will not face any issue. Thank you.
  • Nice tool, really providing the best alternative of firepath. Thank you Sanjay.
  • Very effective and a huge time saver
  • I was looking for this kind of tool after firebug removed. It will be helpful definitely. Thank you so much Sanjay
    Thank you for the review and recommendation. Keep sharing it and help others like you who are still struggling in writing xpath.
  • 比较不方便的是不能同时查看页面元素和XPath选中的结果。用过chorme的人应该都会知道,chorme里的xpath插件支持屏幕高亮选中的内容,十分方便。如果不是公司网络限制,我会选择chorme。
    Thank you for the review. I am working on that and for sure soon you will get the same functionality as it has in Chrome.
  • 很好用,谢谢作者!
    Thank you for review and recommendation.
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