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Nice add-on thanks!

The Chrome browser tab closing behavior would be really great to have: if I'm on page A1 and open tabs A2 and A3, then from page B1 opens tabs B2 and B3 -- when I close tabs A2 and A3 please return me to page A1 (don't go to B2 and B3).

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Great addon!!

Chrome also shotens the size of tabs when there are too many tabs (instead of mataining size and adding "back" and "fordward" bottons), would you implement that?

Thanks for your suggestion

It is interesting, I will try to implement this featrue

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it would be great if i can middle click would undo tab close (from tab mis plus)

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Works great! I'm using it with Chromifox Extreme 3.1.1 and a new version of Chromin Frame

Kudos on your first add-on.