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  • To fix the "new tab button" positioning issue, just visit http://code.google.com/p/chrominframe/ and check out the update section.

    There is a code posted there.

    Not sure why is still not available.....
  • 很感谢作者,可惜,不支持多行标签栏显示。
  • When there is support for Firefox 3.6
  • ubuntu 10.04 / firefox 3.6.8
    compiz wobbly windows does not work with chromin frame enabled for firefox only, all other windows still wobbly(by default anyway for me). trying to find workaround now.
  • Can you do that when you move the tabs from place to place, they glided smoothly, just like in Chrome?
  • if you want to use it on version 3.6, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "View All Versions"
  • Good addon, but doesn t work with chromifox basic and extreme properly (ff.3.6.3)/ New tab button is too close to tab.
  • Good Addon, but cannot change the tab width..wats the issue?
  • 安装BarTab后标签会有一点点问题,希望能够修正一下,谢谢
  • 可以用就OK啦!

  • 可以用就OK啦!

  • 可以用就OK啦!

  • 新的1.0.9.7版本与Chromifox Basic(3.6.5)组合貌似还存在问题:
    1. 开多个标签时,最后一个标签和那个“+”按钮有重叠
    2. 最大化窗口时,状态栏右下角会出现一段空白
  • Por fin la versión!!

  • 都出 了,为啥不出个支持3.7a4?
  • 很好,很强大,期待更新!
  • author, please update this addon to work with firefox 3.6. its very simple, just open up the .xpi as if it was a zip file, and change the first file and replace 3.5 with 3.6. it has been proven to work on 3.6, so please update it!
  • would be nice for 3.6!
  • 都猴年马月了,还没更新
  • 我根据原版Chrome做了一些细节修正
  • I need for firefox 3.6 release!
  • xtr3mz's solution worked for me in FF 3.6
  • Where's the 3.6 compatibility?? Comon!!!!!
  • I made a simple page to explain this: