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3.5的这2个插件可以用在3.6里, 只需改一下插件(用压缩软件打开)里的install.rdf的最大火狐版本号. 不知道私自修改算侵权不?

I found that ff ver 3.5's chromifox and chromin frame addon works well in 3.6.

download the 2 addon, open with 7-zip,

chromin frame:

1. edit install.rdf, find
edit to 3.6.*

2. drag this xpi to ff.


0. the same as above. edit to 3.6

1. go to ( I'm using vista, xp maybe not the same address)
C:\documents and settings\(YourUserName Here)\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(someID).default\extensions\

2. copy ID in chromifox's install.rdf file:
and make a folder in this name.

3. exact jar's file in this folder, and then open ff select this theme in theme setting.

I haven't fully test this yet, at least it works fine with my 3.6 ff. and I don't know if doing this wether will voliate some licences or not.