Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I've found a few bugs that I would like to bring to the authors attention. Using Firefox 3.0.5 on Windows XP, with a 1024x768 screen resolution.

1.) When having many tabs open that exceed the width of the browser (seven tabs for me, with six tabs viewable on the tabbar at once), the furthest left tab is cut off at the end, I can only see a portion of that tab (the slanted end of it). When I click that small portion, the tab to the right of it gets focused and the problem fixes. But the problem returns when selecting any other tab.

2.) I can view as many as six tabs on my screen at once on the tabbar before the tabbar becomes scrollable when opening the seventh tab. But once opening an eighth tab, the tabbar gets smaller, allowing me to view only five tabs at once. Also, the scroll arrows appear, and don't go away unless I click the right arrow. The tabbar problem only fixes when I close all but five tabs (the amount I can view on the screen at once during this problem).

3.) When having multiple tabs open, and having any of them focused except for the tab directly left of the furthest right tab, I can close the furthest right tab but scroll arrows will appear (even when I have as few as three tabs open prior to closing it). And when I click that right scroll arrow or when I select that tab, both scroll arrows disappear and the problem fixes. Note, this problem only occurs when I have TabMixPlus set to "Focus Last Selected Tab" after closing a tab, and my last selected tab is NOT the tab directly to the left of the furthest right tab.

Also, I would like to suggest making better graphics for those scroll arrows. Something that matches the Chrome theme. As of right now, there are two dark blue scroll arrows with a vertical bar between them. That vertical bar is useless and unattractive as far as I can tell, and the arrows are a bit difficult to see on the blue background of the titlebar.

Despite these problems, I will still continue to use Chromin Frame, and hope these problems are fixed in Firefox 3.0.6 and Firefox 3.1.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.4).