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    come on, this is ridicolous. How could you use a closed license on A FIREFOX EXTENSION!?
    You're a cancer. A bleeding, painful cancer.
  • update for firefox 3.5 ! it looks great!
  • update for firefox 3.5 ! it looks great!
  • works great with flock 2.5
  • 3.5 UPDATE!!!! What's the hold up!?!?! This is AWESOME!!!
  • Hope there is a 3.5 compatible version coming soon...!
  • Really great work!

    But one thing, please update it for FireFox 3.5.*

    PS.: There is a similar Add-On, that works with XP and FF 3.5:
    Total ReChrome (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9322)
  • Wheres the update for 3.5.1 ?
    1. New Tab Button on Tab Right : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5338 link is broken
  • - -i need it for 3.5
  • Please update for Firefox 3.5!
  • Is there an update for 3.5 somewhere?
  • I like the idea of this addon. Just one thing that would make it better would be compatibility with XP. and if you Succeed in that, maybe you could make a vista frame adding the aero interface to firefox. That would be just amazing! :D
  • I think you should really make a version available for Mac users most of all. I mean, Google doesn't even love us, they didn't make a Chrome version for Mac..

    This is the closest we can get to Chrome! You're our only hope!
  • Looks very good! But why from all PlugIns does it have to be incompatible with Delicious Bookmarks PlugIn? If I use that with this one the tab skin messes up completely. Could that be fixed?
  • This extension is awesome! Works amazingly well in Windows 7.

    Win7 keeps the aero glass effect active even when a window is maximized, making this even better.

    Full screen mode works great, except the glass effect is replaced with a black bg behind the tabs.
  • Nicely Chromes up FF without having to use Chrome!
    If you like FF & you like chrome then this is as good as it gets.
  • Please make it compatible with 3.5b4
    This + chromifox extreme and a few other tweaks could really make a perfect chrome theme.
    This is my ff at the moment: http://img141.imageshack.us/my.php?image=almostchrome.png

    Just need this to make it perfect :P
  • not capable with 3.1b3
    plz update,thx
  • Marvelous! Thank you!
  • please change the bookmark icon,and some ditails
    but it is really good one
  • This is amazing!!
    If you use chromifox and still want it more like Chrome then use this!
    Thx for making this ;)
  • It's perfect.Great work thank you...
  • Deverían esp si hacer uno para windows xp que es mucho mas usado que windowes vista

    mi humilde opinion
  • not compatibility with chromifox2...