Chromifox Basic Version History

3 versions

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Version 3.6.5 922.6 kB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 3.6.*

Notes for version 3.6.5 (March 2, 2010)
- Chromifox Basic for Firefox 3.6
- Theme code has been rewritten from scratch where necessary
- Significant changes to the code that makes up the tab bar
- Many individual icons and resources have also been updated
- Still looks approximately the same as the previous version

Specific changes since version 3.6
- Now supports custom setting: browser.tabs.closebuttons = 3
- Icons and Text mode doesn't look quite as bad anymore
- Improvements to drop-down menus on Windows 7 and Vista
- Minor changes to bookmark items inside the Navigation Toolbar
- Minor changes to toolbar buttons inside the Bookmarks Toolbar
- Added informational text in the Customize Toolbar window
- Now compatible with extension: Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar
- Some icons installed by third-party extensions will fit in better
- Minor improvements to All-In-One Sidebar extension support
- Mac OS X: Improvements to overflowing Bookmarks Toolbar
- Mac OS X: Minor visual changes to the Library window toolbar
- Improved support for extensions: Faviconize Tab and App Tabs
- Minor improvements to regressions in previous versions

Version 1.1.3 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.5.*

Notes for version 1.1.3 (July 5, 2009)
- Chromifox Basic final release, updated for Firefox 3.5
- New resources for required compatibility with Firefox 3.5
- Minor aesthetic changes since previous beta version
- Bug fixes and additional resources in this point release
- Still using Firefox 3.0? Just get Chromifox 1.0 instead

Specific changes since version 1.1.2
- Fixed expander buttons and Clear Recent History dialog
- Updated license and theme metadata information

Version 1.0 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.0.*

Notes for version 1.0 (September 12, 2008)
- Ready to go: First non-beta version of Chromifox
- Tabs launched in the background now appear connected to the others
- Bookmarks Toolbar Items placed in the Navigation Toolbar now appear correctly
- Border around the Bookmarks Toolbar Items no longer flashes while hovering
- Windows: No longer shakes when Bookmarks Toolbar Items are placed in the Menu Bar
- Mac OS X: Expander buttons while editing bookmark information now appear correctly
- Linux: Drop-down menu lists and sub-menu arrows now appear correctly
- See main page for support, license, and additional compatibility information