369 reviews for this add-on
  • Downloading from store...
  • Downloaded, installed, followed the instructions, never worked. I see why it was discontinued. It's a piece of junk.
  • it does not work
  • very good addon, only works about half the time but when it does it works really well.
  • :c
  • Dev knows this is broken for months on end, too lazy to even update the description here to tell people it won't work above firefox 60.
  • This add-on works well but you have to do a bunch of workarounds to get it to work if you are not on Developer Edition.
  • doesnt even work
  • Seems to just hang at the Validating ... stage
  • I have yet to get it to install even the simplest chrome extensions without error, but Chrome Store Foxified is great at asking for donations.
  • Just sits at checking AMO. Doesn't work on current version of Firefox or the Developer Edition of Firefox either. Wouldn't waste your time on this.
  • Does not work.... period !
  • Does not work AT ALL !
  • Nice
  • It's down?
  • Everything
  • Having same problem...
    [1] Extensions loads into Firefox
    [2] Chrome store add button reads 'Add to Firefox'
    [3] Click 'Add to Firefox' button
    [4] 'Foxified' extension loads in new tab
    [5] 'Foxified' icon pulsates, message reads...
    [6] "Preparing to download and install..."
    [7] Nothing happens after that :(
  • Difficult to install an extension - I have to clear cache and restart browser however I've tried 5 different extensions - all things Firefox doesn't have since it updated to web extensions and none of them work so what good is this? I mean conceptually its a great idea but imo this whole update to web extensions which just turned off a lot of developers has been terrible.
  • pleseas fix it asap get stuck at checking amo credentials every time
  • 環境を新たに作り、別の環境で動作していたchrome用の拡張機能を入れようとしたが、インストールができないという状態が数カ月続いている。
  • stuck at "Checking AMO Credentials"
  • It's been at last 3 months it has not worked correctly and know attempts to fix it. Another extension bits the dust. So is there an extension that can do the job?
  • Stuck on Checking AMO and never downloads chosen extension. Useless. Has never worked for me in any version of Firefox.