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  • Thank you for all these happy years with this add-on. I'll try to switch on New ChromaTabs Plus 4.0.0b1.
  • The beta version in the development channel works reasonably well.

    Beware: This add-on paints colored rectangles on tabs. Using it with rounded tabs may make your eyes puke! I suggest installing "Classic Theme Restorer" and use rectangular tabs "v2" (this add-on don't work with "v1").
  • Don't let the "Not available for Firefox (Insert crazy number version here)" fool you, just go down to the "development channel" and release the beta. It works form me with v25. There are no addons like this one officially compatible with the latest versions, so the developers should take a few minutes and identify it with the latest versions so this jewel don't go buried and forgotten.
  • This extension appears to be dead, which is a shame because it was a great and useful extension. I wish a new version for Firefox 8, 9, and above would come out, but I'm not holding my breath. R.I.P. ChromaTabs
  • Easily the best colored tab add-on for firefox 4+. Looks fantastic.

    My only suggestion would be to add an option to change the tab base background for the inactive tabs. I think if you could just change the opacity for the tab base background on those tabs it would be easier to distinguish which tab is active and which arent.

    For those having problems with compatibility just install this addon

  • Just to let you know - if you change the maxVersion of ChromaTabs Plus 3.0.0b1, it will install on Firefox 6 and is a lot more subtle than ColorfulTabs (also works fine with HashColoured Tabs+).
  • Is there are change that this very nice extenssion will be available for Firefox 6?
  • Thank you and 4 stars "in memoriam" of a very usefull litle FF-Add-On which I really liked untill FF v3. After forced updates (of a self-crippled browser that cuts of more and more of its usability with every version while crashing more often than MSIE in its worst days) here is one more usefull function that does not more than to fill an entry in the add-on-list. How sad.
  • Very nice!!
  • I LOVE this add-on, but now that I've updated to FF4, I'm unable to use it. Please, please, please update it so that it's compatible with FF4!!!
  • works fine, just one little trouble: with "tree style tabs" and metal option, the contours of the tabs are badly finished
    thanks for your work
  • I hope you update to Firefox 4 soon really like this add-on! :D
  • I cant find an addon that does as good of a job coloring my tabs as chromatabs. Currently using Fabtabs for the time being, but, eh, its not picking up colors as well. Please update soon :)
  • Firefox 4 version please
  • Beautiful extension. What an elegant implementation. And appreciate the customize-ability. Thank you very much!
  • well done
  • I am using the beta version for FF 4 and I really really enjoy it. Has just the right look. And customizable. I tried ColorfulTabs and found the look to be very cartoonish and cheesy. ChromaTab adds color while maintaining a sleek and professional look. 5 stars!
  • I am using version 3 beta on Firefox 4. Sometimes colors on tabs(probably the first one) do not appear until the tab is hovered once. Also with tabs on top it does not smoothly blend with the navigation toolbar and should be fixed for the active tab. Perhaps you may keep active tab in default color, or maybe you can extend the idea of tabs-bottom to the navigation toolbar. Also the title chenged notification for app tabs no longer holds. There should be an option to handle that. Keep up the good work.
  • Un-installed CTP after 2 days of heavy use. Too dark on a lot of the tabs making it difficult to see the text on the tab. I've found Colorful Tabs to be much more easier on the eyes. For every tab I have open I can actually see the text on the tab. This is just my personal view of course & CT fits my personal needs. Others may not be bothered by the often use of really dark colors on the tabs, & may not care whether or not they can see what the tab actually says.
  • I cannot seem to make up my mind between this one and the addon coloful tabs. I think there both great addons, I also think there both worthy of 5 stars.

    great work on ChromaTabs Plus guys, keep up the hard work.
  • The color of the tabs are actually pretty good.

    I also like the options for this product.

    The highlight isnt all that great though, lol. Good job :)
  • Uninstalling this has changed the height of my tabbar !!!
  • Interesting, could this be ported to SeaMonkey?
  • I love this!
    But one thing, can you please add an option to reset the settings back to default?

    I've even tried uninstalling the add-on, and reinstalling but the settings I put haven't changed
  • Thanks for the great Add-on! Highly recommended, especially in conjunction with the Tree Style Tab extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5890/).

    Again thanks for the great job, and I certainly hope that you will continue to support future versions of Firefox.