Aliexpress Shopping Assistant 8.1.5

End-User License Agreement

Aliexpress Shopping Assistant requires that you accept the following End-User License Agreement before installation can proceed:

1.1. This Agreement shall enter into force on 1 June 2017.
1.2. For the existing Users/Users who have installed AliPrice on their device, this Agreement shall enter into force upon the User’s Active Action.
1.3. For new Users/Users who have not installed AliPrice on their device, this Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of pressing the button “Install”, “Add”, when installing AliPrice on their device.
1.4. This Agreement is valid during the whole period of operation of AliPrice by the User.
1.5. By clicking “Install”, “Add”, the User confirms that he has come of legal age, has sufficient capacity in accordance with the law of his state as well as is obliged not to allow to use AliPrice by minors, incapacitated (including those who are partially incapacitated), and is personally responsible for the admission of these people to use AliPrice.
1.6. By clicking “Install”, “Add”, the User confirms that he acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement may be a mended at any time by the Developer.
1.7. Fact of clicking “Install”, “Add” confirms that the User understands all of his rights and duties in full and he unconditionally accepts the terms of this Agreement.
1.8. Acceptance of the terms of the Agreement is equivalent to the conclusion of the Developer’s bilateral written User Agreement.
2.1. User:
2.1.1. is obliged to be informed about the Developer, the Developer’s confidentiality provisions and this Agreement prior to the installation of AliPrice.
2.1.2. is obliged to use AliPrice for personal non-commercial purposes;
2.1.3. has no right to make changes to the operation of the AliPrice browser extension;
2.1.4. has no right to offer services related to the use of AliPrice to other Users for profit purposes;
2.1.5. has no right to perform any act aimed at the disruption of the normal functioning of AliPrice and to use special programs containing harmful components (“viruses”);
2.1.6. is obliged to discontinue the use (including installation) of AliPrice and remove it from his device if the User does not accept the Agreement in full;
2.1.7. is personally liable for any unauthorized use of the media files of the rights holder, namely downloading of media files that violate copyright law;
2.1.8. has the right to distribute AliPrice by any means;
2.1.9. performs the above-mentioned steps at his own risk.

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