easy way to open chm file by double click In Ubuntu Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I test the following in Ubuntu Gutsy\r\nStep1.just create a bash file,type the following:#!/bin/bash\r\nfirefox \"chm:file:///$1\"\r\n\r\nsave it as firefoxchmview.sh(or other name you prefered)\r\n\r\nStep2.then in the terminal:\r\nchmod u+x firefoxchmview.sh\r\n\r\nStep3.right click you chm file, open properties, select \"Open With\" tab, click \"add\" button, in the new window called \"Add Applicatin\", expand \"use a custom command\", browse to you script, then click add button, then click close button.\r\nNow, you can double click you chm file to open it in firefox

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