UPDATE NEEDED Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Dear Sarah,
If you see this message, please update this addon.

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Crack me up ! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Great job !. Congratulations.

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Please make compatible with new firefox. This is the only reason I have not updated my firefox.
This Chm Reader is the best out there. I have used every chm reader for windows.
Tips: I discovered that you can get rid of stupid character (ex: Â) in some chm file, by opening the chm in this application and going to
View - Character Encoding - and clicking on Unicode 8

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Great plugin! How about 5.0 compatibility?

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Chm Reader and ChmFox are GREAT Addons. Please! Please maintain them for Firefox 5.0!

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ChmFox is a modification of CHM Reader and it supports Firefox 4:

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Please update this for Firefox 4.

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Could you please update this add-on for Firefox 4? It's a very useful add-on.

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dear lonecat,
please release version for firefox 4 for me it must be in otherwise no firefox 4.please help a bit
ps: extrachm is best standalone app

cannot reach the link to other files; Rated 4 out of 5 stars

it's useful for me~ chmreader can go to its own link( the opened file),cannot reach the link to other files;

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Very fine tool. I'm running FF 3.6.15 on Windows 7 64bit and am finally able to read all those help files again which the original viewer doesn't want to display anymore.

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This addon is awesome!! I rather reading help files in firefox rather in the default. Using it with Stylish is great, i change pages to dark colors to protect my eyes. other companion is 'all in one sidebar' to hide or show the contents.
In general thanks for this addon. and oh! i miss it on firefox 4. please make work ok?

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Works Fine in FireFox 3.6.13 on Windows XP sp2

I thought I would mention that as I see a post suggesting there could be a problem with FF v3.6.12

I would add that I assume the Windows help reader is dependent on Internet Explorer, & I would prefer a solution not dependent on IE that in itself is a good reason to use this reader.

An additional feature I would like would be the ability to open a .chm file by right clicking it from within Windows. ( it does not by default do that).

Fail Rated 1 out of 5 stars

"CHM Reader 0.2.3 could not be installed because it is not compatible with IceCat 3.6.12." ;
"CHM Reader 0.2.3 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 3.6.12." ;
"CHM Reader 0.2.3 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 3.6.3." ;
Linux Mint 9 amd64

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Reading chm files works just fine, but there are a few things which doesn't work for me. The shortcut for hiding and showing the sidebar does not work. Also if I want to search the content of the chm file there are no results shown, and I have to set the font size for every single page which is getting annoying if you have to switch often between different pages.
The idea is absolutely nice, but for now the microsoft html help reader is more reliable.

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I just installed it, so I haven't gotten a chance to use it much yet, but there needs to be a way to adjust the font size for the whole CHM file (as opposed to adjusting the font size on every single page, which can get annoying with a large file with hundreds of pages)!
Yes, I saw the workaround where you set Firefox's minimum font size in the preferences, but you shouldn't have to do that. On FF, when you adjust the font size of a webpage, it keeps all pages on that domain adjusted to that size. This is the functionality that is missing.
Other than that, it's great so far (but like I said, I haven't used it much yet).

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it is pretty usable on firefox 3.6.3. what you should do is go to view menu in firefox,click on the menu entry "sidebar" and click on a submenu entry chm reader (the shortcut CTRL+E doesn't seam to work).in the sidebar hit the open chm files button,go to your chm file and open it.you might want to disable auto redirection in firefox preferences and if you're asked whether to allow redirection,don't click allow,go to sidebar for NAVIGATION and choose the entries there,do not click the links other than those in the sidebar or you'll loose the navigation and get stucked with the sidebar filled with broken links displaying the text "missing".avoid using the document for navigation,use the sidebar and you ll be fine.some chm files on xp under C:\WINDOWS\Help\ are incompatible with this reader i have no idea why.another powerfull feature is the command line so you can practicaly open files straight from the desktop with a single click if you associate .chm files using the command line and "%1" instead of the file name,this should work.i suggest that the sidebar auto pop ups when a chm is viewed as it is needed anyways,this will save the user going through view menu.alternatively,you can just fix the hotkey as ctrl+e seams reserved by firefox for the search box.also along with that,the internal chm navigation fix would make this pretty complete and bug free firefox add-on.

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Poor ergonomy : it doesnt NOT work when visiting a CHM file on the web, and neither when drag&dropping a CHM file to a firefox window.
It took me long to figure out how to use it at all (had to go to the project page for instructions).
However it did install normally on firefox 3.6.4 in vista.