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Just found this add on today, and loving it. It seems to work well wherever I've tried it so far.

@chesswriter .. as a workaround, there's a neat systray app called Texteditor Anywhere (same people who make Listary) which when you highlight text anywhere in Windows gives you a hotkey which automatically opens that text in your default text editor. It works very well in Firefox.

Thank you.

Thank you. I am still actively developing it, so it will have new functionalities soon.

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This is a great addon. But I will request that you consider adding the following functions.

(1). Make the chessboard bigger
(2). Add a button to save a pgn file, once you've previewed it and like the game
(3). Add a button to open the pgn game in a text editor
(4) Attempt and convert any text that contains only moves(but doesn't contain it within brackets, and does not contain player names, event names etc) into PGN format and let us preview it as a pgn game.

All the above features, if implemented. Would not only make this addon indispensable; they would make it historic! They would enhance the march of chess across the internet even further.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

(1,4). The new version is already downloadable. I think it will be updated automatically if it is already installed. The addon already contains a bigger board. There are more bug fixes, and changes that provide much more advansed game parsing. Also it contains an autoplay button.
(2.) Since even the latest HTML/CSS/Javascript standards do not provide write access to filesystem, this can't be performed in a clean way from an extension. For this purpose rather full desktop applications are more suitable. But if I make it desktop, it becomes no more internet, no more addon, and no more indispensable, while there exists so many desktop tools.
(3). A functional handy PGN builder will available in further versions.