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  • It does not work in Firefox v40 now :( Is there any workaround solution? Thanks.

    Had to downgrade to v39.0.3 in order to get it to work.
  • it's an must-have addon for PaleMoon users to install some addons which says they'r not working (f.e.behind the asterisks).
  • Nice! Just what I need for Pale Moon!! Thanks a lot!
  • Excellent tool to get extensions and themes up and running in Pale Moon. I tried manually adding the entries in Pale Moon but it did not help. This extension is wonderful.
  • Super
  • Thanks, due to this add-on I could install several add-ons in Pale Moon which were wrongly rejected before. :-D
    And it DOES SHOW up in the add-on window but under the name "checkCompatibilty 1.3" :-p
  • excellent add on. but does not show up in add on window. got my red cats green flavor back after an eternity of constant updates coupled with incompatibility notices. thanks i have my kitties back :). much easier on the eyes.
  • There R other addons 2 disable compatibility but they R flakey. This 1 actually worx =) Can use it 2 help things like 'extension list dumper' work, etc. This should B a default button in FF, not some addon we have 2 load. Just like 'about config' they can put a warning balloon on it or something. B real.
  • Works perfectly with no hassles or config needed — good thing, because I doubt I would've lasted more than a month in SeaMonkey if I'd had to manually edit every outdated extension I wanted to try out.
  • Just need to be careful it's not enabling an extension that will give problems
  • I think that could be a very good add-on, but i can´t say anything about this, because my FF (FF 28) says that it´s not compartible with my FF-version, but on the add-on site there´s no warning about this and the FF-help was not usefull, too! Please help me!!!!
  • It works on Firefox28. One of the best add-on ever. I can use my old favorite add-ons again. Thanks!!
  • Works as advertised. Simply amazing!
  • doesn't work 27.0.1
  • Doesn't work in 29.0a2
  • Thanks, it works as described. I found a manual way to disable it on Google, but this is much better than that.
  • when all the other add-ons failed, this was the only one that worked to revive privacy suite on my computer...now am able to backup all my passwords before saying goodbye to the awesome extension...
  • This extension helped me reinstall Tidy Read on Firefox 25.0. As yet, I have no problems.
  • still a good idea but TB seems to have changed the names of the compatibility check keys in about:config - I managed to switch off by going in a toggling also the keys with "saved" in them...this could be a drag to do for every daily update though!
  • The five star rating is for how this add-on used to work. I consider this one ESSENTIAL, given the rapid-fire updates these days. Please update for TB24 and above!! I miss the extensions I had working until TB updated itself...
  • Thanks for this! It made me able to install discontinued add-ons.
  • Excellent work, the add-on works perfectly as desired and saves effort.
  • Works like it should.
  • Useful and workable add-on in palemoon 20.2.1
  • This add-on works precisely as advertized. Has allowed me to use several add-ons which this website claims are incompatible with FF v22, and which FF will otherwise refuse to install. Requires no setup and has no options, but simply disables this check.

    I would have given a full five stars without hesitation, if not for a few minor issues:

    * In the add-on list, it is titled "checkCompatibility," which is badly formatted and confusing because it's the opposite of what the add-on actually does. Something more like the title on this page ("Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks") would be much more appropriate.

    * Description is confusing, mentioning the variable name many times while only indirectly stating the primary function of disabling the check, and what this will allow in practice.

    * If disabled or removed, the add-ons it facilitated will also be disabled at the next restart. This should be mentioned somewhere in the description or upon disabling, since one might reasonably assume this add-on is no longer needed after the compatibility is confirmed during installation.

    I consider this add-on to provide critical functionality which should be included in FF itself, especially considering the frequency of its revision releases and the fact that most newer addons will still function perfectly. Until mozilla allows us to perform "experimental" installations again, this add-on works beautifully. Thanks so much!