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81 reviews for this add-on
  • <3!

  • This used to be great in the past

  • Hi, i've updated version to work with FF6:

  • Thanks a lot but my Firefox downloads the .js script file instead of installing, how to do ?

  • Using greasemonkey and the script as posted on 9/29/20 it works perfectly on 4.0.1

    Thank you!

  • Do you want to use that addon?
    Then install Greasemonkey and CheckBoxMate script.
    It works perfectly!

  • Must have productivity tool.

  • hey so is there any chance that this add-on will be updated? please it's very helpfull

  • I absolutely love this addon. Please consider updating it to work with newer versions of Firefox soon!

  • Yes, hopefully it is updated soon. Best add-on EVER

  • Now that it doesn't work with this version of firefox I realize how helpful it actually is. I love this addon, hopefully it'll be updated soon?

  • Does not work in!

  • Great addon. Use it all the time, or used to. Please make it work with 3.6.3.


  • Even though I could not use this in Yahoo or Gmail, I really liked this add on. I have updated Firefox regularly and always it has updated CheckBoxMate shortly thereafter. Since I updated to 3.6.3 it has been quite a long time and still cannot use CheckBoxMate.????


  • cannot work with gmail

  • cannot work with gmail

  • cannot work with gmail

  • Awesome Add-On!


  • Thanks to Mr.Hendrik Lipka, "it works for me, too"

  • Thanks to Mr.Hendrik Lipka, "it works for me, too"

  • Can we haz update please.

  • An update would be fantastic! And Thank you!

  • When I found out CheckBoxMate wasn't going to work with Firefox 3.6.3, I was not pleased. I even tried a couple of hacked versions I found floating around the web. None of them worked correctly, so I decided to port this bad boy to Greasemonkey. Now it works beautifully (so far).

    Explanation here:

    Install here:

    If you aren't familiar with Greasemonkey, it's another amazing add-on for Firefox and you can read more about it here:

  • Please update this wonderful extension to suit tastes of firefox 3.6.2!