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  • "alarm Sound" not playing if i play in fullscreen game. FireFox 63.0.3 Windows 10 x64
  • First thing I can see with this addon is... an icon on the toolbar that does nothing.
    Second is a menu that shows me how much I need to pay for something. So shows me nothing and quickly scares me away. Addon uninstalled.
    Does it work? Based on other reviews - not.
    There are other similar addons. Free addons. More usable addons.
    One can easily create a simple script that would do the same thing. Or watch just some part of the web page.
    As for an addon - this is a mistake in my eyes.
    As for a pay-to-use addon it seems even bigger mistake.
  • v2.2.3 has problems with "Animate tab" option. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Firefox 63.0 x64. When "Animate tab" animates - it causes some memory leaks or read/writes on HDD, so my PC will operate slower and slower and then it will completely frozen, and the only ways to avoid this - to click on monitored tab to stop favicon animationon, or to disable "Animate tab" option at all! Something became unstable with the last FF version.
  • Didn't notify me of change with a sound or blinking tab.... the tab was just blank without favicon and it had stopped refreshing and then when I manually refreshed I saw the changes on-site. I was at my computer when changes happened, browser was running, volume was up..... so yeah, glad I didn't pay to get email updates because I'd be sorely disappointed. Firefox 62.0.3
  • Please put STOP/START button on top of the dialog box or by click or right click on icon and ALSO to set by default the keyword so that we do not have to select text (regex) everytime we click START.
  • Doesn't work at all - I click the icon and nothing happens.

    Firefox 62 64 bit Linux, private mode.
  • Sadly, entirely nonfunctional. No context menu, no nothing on Ffx Quantum 61.0.2 64-bit
  • I was using this to check for a test date cancellation to open up at a testing center that is booked up until January. I thought I was going to have to sit at my computer non-stop for days checking and competing with many other students to find an opening. I installed C4C not knowing if it would help or not. Within 45 minutes the song played to notify me and I thought it was a mistake. Nope, grabbed a test spot in 2 weeks, it was unreal. I still can't believe it happened.
  • Saving custom settings renders the addon useless.
  • Mit Version 2.2.2. haben sich Fehler eingeschlichen (z.B. wird das Audio-File nicht mehr in Schleife gespielt - sehr ärgerlich!). Entwickler gibt leider keine Rückmeldung. Ansonsten funktioniert das Addon. Keine Fehlerbehebung in Version 2.2.3.

    Version 2.2.2 introduced some annoying bugs, such as the manually selected audio file that cannot play in a loop anymore. The developer ignored my request. Otherwise the add-on is fine. No bug fixes in version 2.2.3.
  • I don't hear the alert when i'm in a full screen application such as a video game. Permissions sketchy also
  • welllllllllllllllll
  • Need the log to file functionality.
  • Love it! works great on laptop...gave it 4 stars because it does not work on Firefox for Android. Can the developer confirm that he knows this and is working on it?