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  • Last updated 2 years ago. The main reason I would use this extension is for order pages that I may have closed, then opened later eg AliExpress price changes. So after a session Aliexpress needs logging in again and the tab is no longer original, hence it does not work. Sadly, uninstalled.
  • 简单有效
  • When it works, it's amazing. There's to my knowledge no other tool like this one to keep track of reservation spots and such on websites.
    Lately, been having issues with mailing system and site appears to be down.
  • When I have to spend half an hour figuring out how to set a bookmark icon back to the right icon after using an extension, it's a bust. This extension will change the bookmark icon for a website that you want to monitor to the c4c icon, which is the kind of thing adware/malware likes to do...
  • Impossible to see what pages I have set up to be tracked, and no way to see if the extension is even working. Useless.
  • Doesnt work on fedex site. As the page reloads the extension recognizes that as a change
  • Does not work on Android 4 - Android 9. Right click (ie long tap) does not give c4c options, it just gives the regular Android copy, paste etc options.
  • they fixed the issue