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  • When I have to spend half an hour figuring out how to set a bookmark icon back to the right icon after using an extension, it's a bust. This extension will change the bookmark icon for a website that you want to monitor to the c4c icon, which is the kind of thing adware/malware likes to do...
  • Impossible to see what pages I have set up to be tracked, and no way to see if the extension is even working. Useless.
  • Doesnt work on fedex site. As the page reloads the extension recognizes that as a change
  • Does not work on Android 4 - Android 9. Right click (ie long tap) does not give c4c options, it just gives the regular Android copy, paste etc options.
  • they fixed the issue
  • "alarm Sound" not playing if i play in fullscreen game. FireFox 63.0.3 Windows 10 x64
  • First thing I can see with this addon is... an icon on the toolbar that does nothing.
    Second is a menu that shows me how much I need to pay for something. So shows me nothing and quickly scares me away. Addon uninstalled.
    Does it work? Based on other reviews - not.
    There are other similar addons. Free addons. More usable addons.
    One can easily create a simple script that would do the same thing. Or watch just some part of the web page.
    As for an addon - this is a mistake in my eyes.
    As for a pay-to-use addon it seems even bigger mistake.
  • v2.2.3 has problems with "Animate tab" option. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Firefox 63.0 x64. When "Animate tab" animates - it causes some memory leaks or read/writes on HDD, so my PC will operate slower and slower and then it will completely frozen, and the only ways to avoid this - to click on monitored tab to stop favicon animationon, or to disable "Animate tab" option at all! Something became unstable with the last FF version.