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  • esta bueno pero no se como chatear
  • I Extremely like this. most of people are to help in IRC Channel.. But now I have upgraded firefox i am not able use in quantum. how can use this again?
  • Ce module est très bien conçu ...
    Mais pourquoi ne pouvons nous le mettre maintenant sur la dernière version de firefox ???

    Si cela continue, je n'utiliserai plus firefox, et ne le conseillerai plus à mes amis et connaissance !!!
  • Please update chatzilla for firefox quantum. It was a great tool. Thanks for effort.
  • It wasn't perfect, but did it's job deently. A good tool when you want somewhere to enter IRC and you can only use Firefox. Seriously, this needs a resurrection...
  • good
  • Best, but really need FF 57 support.
  • This has been a cornerstone in the world of FF extensions. Why on earth is it not being updated for Quantum, which is a huge leap forward for FF? Please tell me there are at least plans for this in the future...
  • It's a great tool, keep doing this ;] Zróbcie tylko jakiś update do najnowszej wersji Firefox!
  • Lost with the new Firefox. I use it a lot and a very sad to see it is no longer compatible. Please update soon.
  • Please fix it for Firefox 57 Quantum
  • Will it be upgraded to firefox quantum (firefox 57)?
  • The Chatzilla team is working on this, if you visit their site you can read their disc. about the issues they're dealing with.
    Mozzila has a list of IRC clients https://wiki.mozilla.org/IRC
    I am currently using [Mibbit] as a replacement
  • My favorite IRC client for more than ten years. Would be nice to be able to toggle notifications per channel, though.
  • This addon will be ported to webextensions?
  • version: 52.0
    os: android

    add on is installed, enable is greyed out.

    please look into the issue.
    I'm sorry, but ChatZilla does not support Android.
  • It works
  • Thanks, I've used ChatZilla for quite a while and find it simple and rather useful.
  • Fantastic, unlike hexchat the gui doesn't freeze up when saving xdcc downloads to a slow hard drive. So now I can save things to my rpi smb setup. However, with a lot simultaneous xdcc downloads, the gui gets laggy, so it's very hard to use. I also wish that the xdcc downloads were more organized, maybe a list instead of tabs for downloads would make it easier to track of the download progress.
  • Can we get an option to open this in a tab, i would love to have this as a pinned tab. Currently i do that with mibbit but on every startup i have to manually join all my regular channels.
    You can open chrome://chatzilla/content/ in a tab, and it'll work on release/non-e10s versions of Firefox. I don't know if that trick continues to work when e10s is on. There are a number of slight drawbacks to this, mostly relating to the context menu and how links open, IIRC.
  • For the users:

    You don't know how to use or you don't know how to join the server not listed of the plugin? Before to talk bad...

    For example, search the adress of the server, done this use the command together with the adress:
    /server irc.rizon.net

    /join #example channel

    For the creator of this plugin:

  • Useless. No Rizon default connection listed with the other IRC servers? Programmer of this plugin has zero clue about real internet, and fails at programming in general given how often this plugin crashes. Потому что автор ничего не знает Интернета
  • Usefull IRC client
  • Its just dont work, i was try UTF-8, windows-1250, ISO-8859-2 and its not showing šđčćž, can you fix it? thanks
  • I love it! It is easy to handle and surprisingly fast