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  • 每個詞庫都不可以修改和添加
    重啟后 又恢復原狀
  • Excellent! I have no other word for it, really! I use it in conjunction with Rikaichan - set kanji-lish to replace the whole word and, if I don't remember a particular kanji, hover over it until Rikaichan tells me what it means! Simple and VERY effective.
  • Sounds like something I'd be glad to use, unfortunatey not compatible with Firefox 3.5.2 yet. Hope to replace this with a real review soon ...
  • Amazing addon just what I needed, I have really missed it since the new firefox came out.
    When can we expect a firefox 3.5 compatible version?
  • Excellent program to be able to be practicing your Remembering the Kanji (or others similar books) even when reading English.
  • Fantastic plugin.
  • When you first start you are looking at the end of the word to figure out what it says, but in a matter of days you start recognizing the kanji for the common words. If you read a lot on the internet this is a great tool.
  • Any chance of an option to ignore processing of text boxes (input fields).

    It really plays havoc with emails, forms etc when it translates the words !!
  • Addendum to previous:

    A tooltip for multiple kanji is not needed.

    Used with Rikaichan this addon ROCKS!!!

    If there were an option for multi-kanji rather than just single kanji word equivalents I think it would be perfect. I would spend more time with Kanjilish than my text books.

    BTW, This addon is useful not only for the study of Japanese but also for English.

    Now, if somebody came up with a Rikai-chan equivalent for English to Japanese Firefox would be a language school.
  • Nice.

    Would be useful if cases of multiple kanji made the list visible in a tooltip. The results are occasionally doubtful, which can be confusing.

    Sometimes the kanji font is a little difficult to make out.

    That said it works nicely and mentally is a very effective association strengthening tool.

    Compliments and thanks.
  • A great add-on and definitely and easier way to learn Japanese. I wish you would do the same for Chinese though.
  • Great! It would be awesome with something like this for the Russian alphabet.
  • Just keeps on getting better ;^>
  • This is a must for all Japanese learners!

    If you feel that you waste your time when you stop your Japanese studies to read something in English, just use Kanjilish and all that wasted time will turn into a useful learning experience. =D

    If you visit websites in other languages than English, you can create your own custom profiles, so you can use Kanjilish everywhere!
  • Great add on , cant wait for new version :D
  • This is a pretty neat idea and good implementation. I like that this idea doesn't require one to set aside study time or change one's habits, yet may still yield results. It's like getting something for nothing. Thanks!
  • Absolutely inspired! This add-on will supplement my heisig method kanji practice perfectly. A brilliant, brilliant idea. Thank you!
  • Its quite good, It would be class if you could select other languages such as French, Spanish etc. And have selected words replaced completely by the translation. That way as i get better and better at reading other languages i can replace more and more words
  • I really like it. A great addition to my Japanese learning experience. This extension combined with Rikai-chan is a tour de force for anyone wanting to learn usable Japanese.

    Thanks Kanji-lish for this great extension!
  • This extension is great! it takes a while to get used to read English with kanji in it, but after a while it becomes quite easy and you get to review kanji while reading the newspapers. I only wish that there were an option to replace the whole word instead of the first letter.
  • Amazingly cool. Thanks for the effort to put this together.
  • This really does make practising Kanji while reading English a reality. The only thing that annoys me is the fact it wasn't around when I just started leaning Kanji. I've given it five stars because it really does deserve them, that is not to say a few minor tweaks and improvements couldn't be made. For example, I would love to have an option to switch between 'first letter replaced' and 'whole word replaced', A toggle all open tabs on/off (if this had an exceptions option too that would be amazing), a built in editor for the definitions file would be very handy, for people half way through their Heisig (or whatever) a place to enter where you are up to would be good to show only previously learnt kanji, and the most important thing needing done is a Thunderbird version. But don't let that (very small) list of things I would like added put you off. It is very usable as it stands. Top stuff.
  • I am so loving this add on. I'm remembering kanji better. A lot of the kanji that I had problems with before are as easy as pie. I even have the chance to look at kanji and attach them to a keyword even if I haven't learned them yet. Kanji has gotten just a little bit easier. Thanks.
  • Wow, had to give this 5 stars for ingenuity and for being such a great program. A new way to memorize many Japanese Kanji meanings! Great work!!
  • Great program. Great for those RTKers out there looking for easy studying.