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  • I converted 'Remembering Traditional Hanzi 1' to Simplified Chinese, see link: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Gcmqsbtr
  • Being able to make your own lists is great!! I had to dig for the folder containing the xml files, but the result is fantastic! :)
  • 這his a really fantastic program. Here's how I use simplified Chinese characters: I use the Traditional RTH profile and a firefox add-on that automatically converts to simplified characters.
  • Nice idea, and useful tool for the language student. Works.
  • The idea is great, but at this stage it is not very useful to me personally. Please add the following:
    - Only characterize english pages (check html meta). If you read in other languages, it's very disturbing, becauese the words have different meanings.
    - Add a hotkey to reload the page without characters. Sometimes you need to read fast. Sometimes you need to copy text and you don't want the characters copied.
    Keep up the good work! Thanks!
  • That's so useful, thsanks to the kanjilist
  • I Instal it on my Kids Ebook.. and it help her a lot in learning English and Chinese. i would love it there a Simplify version for the Chinese font... Thank you for creating this
  • This works well, but there is a bug preventing you from adding new profiles. The only way around I could find was to copy my new XML over one of the default files and restart Firefox. After that, Characterizer picked up the new title and everything.
  • This works really great for what has already been added in... however, I'm unable to view the sample profile or add in new profiles (I can add or change entries in the existing profiles, but not import new ones - when I try to import, I get an error). I also can't seem to export a profile. Other than that being fixed, the only other option I think could really improve this add-on is if you added a "show original word upon hover", or "show note on hover" option. That way, when you hover over a kanji you can't remember, it will either show you the original word it had changed it from, or show you a note that you put in for the kanji.

    This add-on could be fantastic for learning other languages as well, provided importing/exporting is fixed. Say you are learning German and replace "girl" in English with the German word, if you hover over the German word you could potentially see both the original English word and the gender for the word "girl" (which you put in as a note) for example.

    I would give it five stars if these problems didn't exist!
  • This is the most helpful program that I have used to help me in my studies of the written Japanese language. It truly makes learning Kanji easy and enjoyable. Just replacing the first letter in the word while I'm browsing the net, an activity I do on a daily basis, has helped to increase my Kanji vocabulary. Thank you for creating such an EXCELLENT program to help me learn Kanji.

    P.S I'm using firefox 7.0 and it works great!
  • Hi,

    An update of the module for firefox 4+ is available here :
  • Do you plan to port it on newer firefox version ? I'm still on 3.5 only for this great add on
  • Add FF4 support, please.
  • Hi! How can I turn on Chinese simplified characters? I see only traditional.
  • Being a learner of Chinese (and a little of Japanese) any gadget to help memorizing all these zillions of characters gets a double-plus.
    Your method is funny and surprising! :)

    There are collections of simplified characters / English like CEDICT online available so that it should be possible to include some of these wordlists into Characterizer as well. Please do it or, at least, open a door to include CEDICT with some limitation to first English word only. Even if that would not be kind of scientifically accurate it would support the needs of learners.
  • Great add-on. Extremely useful for reinforcing kanji knowledge. Definitely use with Rikaichan to double-check meanings.
  • I love kanjilish so much that I had to downgrade back to 3.5 just to use it....
  • This is a great program for learning kanji, you just need to make sure that it is the correct kanji, as many English words have multiple meanings. I've been using it in conjunction with Rikaichan to double check the kanji and confirm that it makes sense in context.

    I would like to see the click functions changed around a little. It seems natural that a left click should turn it on/off and a right click should bring up the context menu.
  • Can it replace letter with Simple Chinese characters such as 读ead ?
  • Awesome! One of the best ideas I've ever seen to learn Kanji on the fly! I love it! Thank you!
  • Absolutely brilliant. One little suggestion though, would it be possible to enlarge the kanji without affecting the rest of the word?
  • Absolutely inspired! This add-on will supplement my heisig method kanji practice perfectly. A brilliant, brilliant idea. Thank you!
  • Fantastic! Wish it came with Simplified Chinese profile by default.

    If you want Simplified Chinese, try this profile I created:

    I just ran the included traditional (Hanzi) profile through a translator. No guarantees about the accuracy ;-)
  • It's a fun add-on to use, but it gets hard to read for small words that could go many ways. For example, will/bill/nill/fill/pill/gill would all show up as a character and -ill. Usually it is easy to guess which word it should be, but sometimes it isn't, especially if you have a string of short words. Then the add-on just makes reading more difficult. It would be nice if the add-on had a feature where you could hover over the character to see what letter it was replacing. I would use this add-on much more if I had something like that. I tried installing Rikaichan as one of the other comments suggested, but it's a tedious work-around.
  • Limited.
    The Chinese profile is only interesting for beginners of Chinese. Advanced students will only see characters they already know, so the use is quite limeted.