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  • Amazing tool, I love it. A must have. The only addon that also fake javascript. But setting the about:config is not automated. Please make a tweaking tool for this.
  • Amazing extension against tracking. Needs other addons to complement it though. Very nice set of features.

    A good anti-tracking test is this tool: https://webbrowsertools.com/privacy-test/

    With other extensions installed as well aim for a score of 50/100. Then add VPN & fingerprinting protection. You are able to reach 90 and 100. Manually add those points.
  • need a redesign
  • break site, some times cant solve recpatcha
  • Excellent little addon. LOVE the checklist, very thorough. Would like to see a little popup descriptor for each setting. Inaccurately reported session identifiers and tls fast_start setting as its opposite.

    Disable SSL False Start security.ssl.enable_false_start true
    Disable SSL Session Identifiers security.ssl.disable_session_identifiers false

    false_start is actually disabled, and session_identifiers are actually disabled... not sure whats going on here.
    Thanks for pointing this out! v0.12.13 fixes this issue.
  • wow ! impressive, serious work. thanks.
    a lot of options, very good documentation, with guidelines and explaination for each.
    I will try it for some time and update my review if needed, but I'm pretty confident it will not be necessary :-)
    I am now allegedly browsing with chrome on an iPhone with a 1-meter-wide screen resolution, ... for the next hour, at least. priceless.
    thanks again
    Thanks for the kind words!
  • Cumple con lo que promete, ademas viene con muchas características para la privacidad.
  • This really works , surperb , surperb !
  • Excuse me, can I open multiple Firebox browser pages and make each page have a different browser profile?
    Unfortunately, no. The closest you can get to that functionality is to use the whitelist editor and creating a rule for each site you want to have a separate profile for.
  • Usually i dont like to install any add on that isnt a must have. After testing Chameleon i found out that this is one of the must haves!

    I have changed a lot of about:config settings, but i did roll back network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy and etwork.http.referer.trimmingPolicy. I hope those are the 2 most important one to set back to default(?)

    Thank you so much!
    Yes, those two values should not be modified. More info can be found in the wiki: https://github.com/sereneblue/chameleon/wiki/Headers

    Thank you for the kind words. :)
  • Не на русском, но все ясно. Можно менять браузеры и ос, через 2ip.ru проверяем.
    Русский перевод скоро будет доступен: https://crowdin.com/project/chameleon
  • Fine! Only small problems like:
    . Related to cache and some console alerts at Firefox nighty.
    If you toggled the prevent etag tracking feature, that's intended. If the if-none-match header for caching, it won't work because Chameleon prevents the browser from saving that information for future requests.
  • Wonderful add-on!

    Had issue with "Enable script injection" and whitelisting, which the owner replied to promptly and worked tirelessly to resolve.

  • This addons have a big bug, sometimes without any reason deactivate the javascript spoof, I add the photos, chameleon is active, spoof my browser but the site can detect via javascript original SO and browser, it's a big problem this. picture:


    With ras this bug is not present, it's only of chameleon, appaire that working and without any reason do not spoof.

    I hope you can fix this problem. I see this bug from long time, usually i check many times in the sites if the spoof working e sometimes i find that do not working via javascript.
    Can you create an issue here with your settings at the link above?

    Have you tried resetting Chameleon's settings and selecting a profile + enable script injection? I'm not experiencing issues with a new install of Chameleon v0.12.0.

    EDIT: This was caused by conflicting extensions.
  • I really like this addon because it also has a good wiki with recommendation regarding the avaiable settings in this addons.

    However I have two questions for which I did not found a clear answer:
    1. In the Header -> Referer section of the wiki it is noted that two options should not be set in about:config. I assume that setting these options in the user.js is also problematic?
    2. If these options are modified (in about:config or user.js) how does this negatively affect the addon?

    Edit: Thanks to the developer for the fast answer.
    1. Yes, settings those options in the user.js file is also problematic.
    2. The options for managing the headers are a workaround for the existing functionality in Firefox. There isn't a way to toggle those settings using the APIs available. If a user changes those options in their preferences, it may prevent Chameleon from setting the header values properly. Firefox modifies the headers before Chameleon can.
  • Bless you!