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I was hoping to find a Mozilla Add-On which would show the SHA1 fingerprint of every certificate in the chain. ALL OTHER web browsers have that feature, except for Firefox. This feature is important for anyone who wishes to verify that their secure SSL connections are NOT being intercepted by an HTTPS proxy.

I am Steve Gibson of www.GRC.com, and I recently released a new service to show our view of remote servers so that users could compare the certificate fingerprints. Unfortunately, Google has their own intermediate CA, so they generate server certs with abandon. This makes is necessary for users to check the SHA1 fingerprint one step back up the chain... Google's CA. While IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera and others all allow this, ONLY Firefox does not.

IF you would/could add that feature to this otherwise fine product I would point many thousands of my visitors to your add-on for addition to their Firefox browsers.



This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.9.1-signed).