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Well this used to be a great add on, but now it's TOTAL crap. The new changes have ruined it. Lots of new useless features, and crippling of the best thing about this add on, which was the "groups" sidebar. What a waste. Delete.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Design is about tradeoffs. In this case, the tradeoff was between multiple group menus and the groups sidebar. The groups sidebar is not compatible with multiple group menus in a simple way. Therefore, one or the other had to go. I chose to keep multiple group menus. In my opinion, they add considerable utility and consistency to the Categorize toolbar.

I did carefully replicate the functionality of the groups sidebar elsewhere. The new functionality is fairly intuitive, but it is possible that you may not have discovered it. Please visit the Categorize forum and carefully go through the posts there. I am always available to help and am open to a discussion on the merits of the groups sidebar.