Far Too Aggressive Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This tool takes over far too many aspects of the UI for my tastes, making conversion an all-or-nothing proposition. I like having some of my bookmarks as quick links in my bookmarks toolbar- this extension takes over the entire bookmarks toolbar, removing those quick links. It also prevents me from adding other semi-bookmark buttons to the toolbar, like Google Shortcuts. By default, it also takes over the Search Bar, removing my carefully-chosen search engines and replacing them with a dropdown menu of only one item and quicklinks to news-oriented search engines I don't use. Thankfully, this can be turned off, as can its takeover of the Awesome Bar, but I have not found a way to regain control of my Bookmarks Toolbar without getting rid of this extension.

I like the idea, but this extension needs to play a lot more politely with other solutions if it wants a place in my collection. I was looking forward to a new way to organize my bookmarks and combine my reading list with my bookmarks. Instead, I apparently downloaded an entire system meant to change how I browse, and I can't put in only the features I want to use.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Categorize does not replace the bookmarks toolbar. It has its own toolbar that duplicates many of the features of the standard bookmarks toolbar. To avoid having multiple redundant toolbars, Categorize offers to hide the standard bookmarks toolbar when it is installed the first time. Even once hidden, the bookmarks toolbar does not go away permanently. It can be unhidden via the View > Toolbars menu.

The search bar and changes to the awesome bar are also optional. They can be turned on/off from the Categorize Options panel via the Tools menu.

To avoid confusing new users, I have changed the defaults on the Categorize install window. Starting from Categorize, the install window has the optional features checked off so that the optional features can not be turned on without the user explicitly enabling them by clicking on the check boxes associated with them.