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  • Nothing appears
  • This addon is not working properly by firefox 21+
    Favicons of bookmarks do not Show.
  • Using Categorize for a few years now, but last week changes made it a no-go unless I find a way to revert them.

    - Privacy policy
    - Organizing bookmarks features (Tag and categories :)

    Cons :
    - Hijacking Firefox's Navigation toolbar with a useless one: Makes the many features I use in the toolbar, like CTRL+L shortcut to type or copy the url, one clic choose between dozens (specialized) search engines, displaying page and server's technologies, ... unavailable!? And that is still the case if you choose to not display Categorize toolbar.
    - Recent update also killed the CTRL+B, CTRL+H shortcuts to display Categorize's sidebars, also without clear notice to change or opt-out these "features", whether in the Preferences panel or the doc (which still displays these shortcuts as the way to go).

    What's this "Browsing simplified" anyway? Where is it that to be able to categorize my bookmarks I should "simplify" (i.e. hijack) my browsing as a whole?

    Deactivated it in order to be able to work efficiently using the up-mentionned toolbar features. Will activate it back if Preferences allow to easilly organize my bookmarks without hicjacking my browsing experience. Otherwise will ne uninstalled.
  • This looked like the perfect addon which'd let me blend the distinction between tabs and bookmarks while keeping things organised. Alas, it doesn't actually do that.

    * There's no tab management to speak of. I have several hundred tabs open, and it gives me absolutely no tools to organise them. In particular, they're the one thing I cannot search for, and I lose even the rudimentary "switch to tab" search function of the ordinary URL bar.
    * The toolbar is an all-or-nothing proposition that does too much, yet fails to have even the basic functionality right.
    * The back button menu is broken, and results in lots of flickering with inability to select anything.
    * There's no reload function whatsoever (!?).
    * Trying to edit the current URL is an exercise in misery, copying it is almost impossible, and most of the time when not visible it hijacks input from pages into the hidden input field.
    * Because I have to remove the navigation bar, there's nowhere for my extension buttons to go, so I can't control adblock or noscript.
    * The bing search is completely useless, and I cannot use any other searches I already have providers for. If the built-in search can provide me with snippets and autocomplete from google, why can't this extension reuse that?

    Why reimplement things which work already and replace them with inferior versions? What it should have done is to make a navigation search menu which can be inserted in place of the usual URL bar, thus saving space for the rest of the elements, which should also be ordinary toolbar items I can rearrange. Back/forward, reload and extension buttons would continue to work as normal that way.

    As for the actual "categorise" functionality, I'm still on the outlook for something I thought this was: a tool to let me forget there's a difference between tabs and bookmarks and manage the hundreds of tabs I have open. I browse and research in tabs, and I open them by the dozen as I do things. I switch contexts and get interrupted by external links all the time, which result in yet more open tabs. I cannot categorise them upfront, because most of the time I don't know what groups I will end up with, and I don't even plan for a lot of topics I end up researching. As I discover the next day that I'm not actually going to be able to implement this algorithm and read all the papers this week (or next), I want to be able to search through, select and group tabs, and file those tabs as bookmarks and read later items with their history intact (because how I got to the page is almost as important as its content). Then, when I sit down with a free weekend a month down the road, I should be able to find and restore them to the state I left them in. Other groups go for links to send to friends #1, #2 and #3, two of whom are currently on vacation and cannot receive my messages, so I need to file that for later. Yet more groups for the task I'm working on right now, where I have three bugreports open, and need to be able to file relevant links and articles related to bug #3, even though I cannot get to it before I'm actually done with #1 and #2.
  • 5star with these improvements:Please:
    2.how assign another hotkey to bookmark (don't override"ctrl+D")

    Developer response

    The most visited toolbar menu feature is already there. You just need to create a new toolbar menu of type history that sorts by visit count. Below are step by step instructions:

    1. Right click the toolbar
    2. Choose New Toolbar Menu from the context menu
    3. Click the History tab
    4. Type Most Visited as the title
    5. Click the sort by visit count icon (this is the second icon from the left at the end of the Search textbox. It is half transparent so you may have trouble finding it.)
    6. Save

    As for the Ctrl+D shortcut, I will add an option to enable its original function in the next release.
  • Thanks Latif for providing the sync support ! I am already using it again since yesterday. I was keenly keeping a watch for the sync support by checking for newer versions of categorize every now and then, both on this official firefox addons website as well as your support website(s) for this addon.

    But I was facing a little problem with the sync which has ultimately been resolved by closing firefox and deleting the old bookmarks.sqlite from the folder [Firefox profile folder]\categorize. Everything became normal once categorize performed a resync.

    Actually, I had been keeping categorize disabled since long (a few months). So, when I enabled the addon, and also enabled the sync feature, (and later even forced a full resync), I found a lot of duplicate bookmarks in my Firefox bookmarks. Maybe, the old bookmarks.sqlite file of categorize was too old, and while I was not using categorize for the last few months, I had cleaned my Firefox bookmarks by using the online "de-duplicate bookmarks" feature of XMarks, and by some other means. Perhaps, what categorize did on enabling sync was re-add those old duplicates from within its old bookmarks.sqlite to the Firefox bookmarks database. Moreover, I could not solve this problem after doing a de-duplication of online copy of Firefox bookmarks again, and subsequently applying "Synchronize Now" command of XMarks (just to make doubly sure that the Firefox's local copy of bookmarks database had its bookmarks "de-duplicated"). Categorize would again add duplicates to the Firefox bookmarks while performing a resync.

    Lastly, I had to delete the old bookmarks.sqlite of categorize, and repeat the de-duplication process to finally get rid of this problem.

    But I can understand that sync is a new and bonus feature addition to this already promising addon. I hope that this little problem would be rectified in the next version. The developer of this addon seems very open to new ideas and discussions on merits and demerits of a feature or interface element. I like and appreciate the underlying revolutionary concept of using categories instead of tags, and I expect and hope that with a little polishing of the already very clean UI and some nice finishing strokes to the sync feature, this addon has the potential to become one the best bookmarking related addons for Firefox.
  • A very impressive module.
    I was searching something as Atomic bookmarks 2 available on chromium and I just ran into this module, far more huger.
    I think this can change and largely improve the way of browsing the web...
  • I am very impressed with how far this addon has come. It has become a must-have addition for my firefox.
  • Well this used to be a great add on, but now it's TOTAL crap. The new changes have ruined it. Lots of new useless features, and crippling of the best thing about this add on, which was the "groups" sidebar. What a waste. Delete.

    Developer response

    Design is about tradeoffs. In this case, the tradeoff was between multiple group menus and the groups sidebar. The groups sidebar is not compatible with multiple group menus in a simple way. Therefore, one or the other had to go. I chose to keep multiple group menus. In my opinion, they add considerable utility and consistency to the Categorize toolbar.

    I did carefully replicate the functionality of the groups sidebar elsewhere. The new functionality is fairly intuitive, but it is possible that you may not have discovered it. Please visit the Categorize forum and carefully go through the posts there. I am always available to help and am open to a discussion on the merits of the groups sidebar.
  • @latif - Thank you for your replay on my previous post and advices. The quick fix of the drag&drop problem with dropping new items to favourite group is the thing i asked abotu:). Your addon on is piece of grat job, and I couldn't probably work on firefox without it. Thank you very much for it!
    Greatings from Poland:)
  • much too bloated. I looked at the contents of the package and most could be taken out.

    you could have a n00bs version and a slimline version!!!! just a suggestion!

    Developer response

    I have already committed to removing the documentation from the extension package (please see the developer's reply to the previous review). Removing the documentation will shrink the size of the package from 1.7 MB to around 500KB.

    BTW, I would like to see some comments about the functionality of the Addon and not just its download size. Ultimately, the functionality of the addon matters and the size of its download is irrelevant for anyone with a half-decent internet connection.
  • Brilliant concept, but at 1.7MB in size I might as well have downloaded a new browser! Much of the filesize seems to come from the built-in help and imagery, why not host these externally to save disk space and improve performance?A lot of work and effort has gone into this extension, unfortunately the bigger the codebase and number of function overrides, the slower and more susceptible to errors Firefox (and indeed any application) becomes.

    Developer response

    Your suggestion as to reducing the size of the addon makes perfect sense. I will try to host all documentation exclusively online for future releases.

    Your criticism as to excessive feature overrides is also valid. Actually, I have already done a lot of work on eliminating feature overrides and you will see drastically fewer feature overrides in future releases of Categorize.
  • needs a self expiring / self destructing feature ... temporary bookmarks

    Developer response

    Can you explain the temporary bookmarks feature you want? Maybe, you can add a post to the Categorize forum and we can have a discussion about it there.
  • That's great! I never used bookmarks before - only Scapbook plugin - but it needs a lot of memory to store my favorite sites. Categorize plugin allow me to store only bookmarks and organize them perfectly. Thanks a lot!!!
  • This is AMAZING! I couldn't function without it. I use it to help me with stock photo searches. When I need to search several stock photo sites at once, I just open my stock photo group and all my search sites open at once. It makes everything sooo much easier. And the developer is simply fantastic. He personally responded to my support questions within 24 hours and is constantly pushing out updates with bug fixes. I use Windows Vista and haven't had any problems or issues with the add-on since the first or second release/update. Also, it seems that some of the other reviewers may have given poor ratings to this add-on because they prefer using other methods of organizing their bookmarks. This is top notch, indispensable add-on that does what it says and is constantly being perfected. LOVE IT. LOVE IT.
  • The BEST add-on in my opinion!
    I don't understand the latest review: if one can't take more than 50 seconds to understand a tool, one should not use a computer! Making such comments is not constructive.

    I've been using this tool for a year and it's been very useful. I might not have continued to use Firefox without it. Plus the guy who created this add-on updates it regularly in order to improve it. It may not be perfect, but it's a great tool and I'd love to be able to use it with other Internet browsers.

    Developer response

    I am flattered by the glowing review but it does not really explain why you like Categorize. I would like to have you pick one thing you love about Categorize and explain it to everyone else. Also, pick something you hate about Categorize and explain it to other people as well.
  • This plugin lasted all but 50 seconds before I uninstalled it. I prefer the default way of managing bookmarks over this.

    Developer response

    I was not planning to reply to this review, but unfortunately I do not have a choice. If I don't tackle this issue, the quality of future reviews for this add-on will suffer.

    A review is supposed to be a critical evaluation of something. A reviewer needs to take the time to familiarize him/herself with the core functionality of a product before doing a writeup.

    It is not fair to write reviews for things you haven't taken the time to use. You don't go about writing reviews for the car you have never driven, the book you have not read, and the shaving blade brand you have never shaved with.

    I have spent almost four years working on this add-on. It is a complete rethinking of a bookmarking system and most people need several days to become familiar with the core functionality of the add-on. I can't see how somebody can form an informed opinion about this add-on in only 50 seconds.

    This add-on is not perfect and many reviewers have pointed out problems with it. In fact, the reviewer who wrote the review before this one pointed out some major problems. He was not too pleased with this add-on either and gave it the lowest possible one star rating; however, his review shows that he had taken the time to use the add-on before passing judgment on it. His criticism was insightful and I have implemented fixes for some of the issues he pointed out and will be fixing the rest in the future. This is what good reviewing is supposed to be about. It is supposed to inform people and bring about positive change.
  • This tool takes over far too many aspects of the UI for my tastes, making conversion an all-or-nothing proposition. I like having some of my bookmarks as quick links in my bookmarks toolbar- this extension takes over the entire bookmarks toolbar, removing those quick links. It also prevents me from adding other semi-bookmark buttons to the toolbar, like Google Shortcuts. By default, it also takes over the Search Bar, removing my carefully-chosen search engines and replacing them with a dropdown menu of only one item and quicklinks to news-oriented search engines I don't use. Thankfully, this can be turned off, as can its takeover of the Awesome Bar, but I have not found a way to regain control of my Bookmarks Toolbar without getting rid of this extension.

    I like the idea, but this extension needs to play a lot more politely with other solutions if it wants a place in my collection. I was looking forward to a new way to organize my bookmarks and combine my reading list with my bookmarks. Instead, I apparently downloaded an entire system meant to change how I browse, and I can't put in only the features I want to use.

    Developer response

    Categorize does not replace the bookmarks toolbar. It has its own toolbar that duplicates many of the features of the standard bookmarks toolbar. To avoid having multiple redundant toolbars, Categorize offers to hide the standard bookmarks toolbar when it is installed the first time. Even once hidden, the bookmarks toolbar does not go away permanently. It can be unhidden via the View > Toolbars menu.

    The search bar and changes to the awesome bar are also optional. They can be turned on/off from the Categorize Options panel via the Tools menu.

    To avoid confusing new users, I have changed the defaults on the Categorize install window. Starting from Categorize, the install window has the optional features checked off so that the optional features can not be turned on without the user explicitly enabling them by clicking on the check boxes associated with them.
  • Thank you for a marvelous extension. I am finding so many websites pertaining to my interests & needed a way to keep the sites organized. Your product is exactly what I needed!
  • I love this program a lot, but there are 3 small annoyances that will probably actually make me stop using it. I primarily use the tab set feature as a way to keep my most commonly used web pages open so I can find things easily or remember a particular thing I was working on. However, on occasion another instance of firefox will open, I'll end on that instance and lose all my tab sets (ARGGH). It would be nice to have some warning on this somehow, or a way to save my tab sets. Also, I use laptop and desktop and try manually keep my tab sets the same, but it invariably gets messed up - would love a sync feature (which might also solve the problem with them sometimes getting erased). Minor annoyance, which I realize is my own fault for trying to take multi-tasking to such an extreme, is load time on this and the number of tabs which come up as broken or disabled, which creates the need to "clean them up" in my organization fetish which is really not all that productive. Really great idea though....just needs to be a bit more east to "keep it this way" once you have it the way you want it.
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  • Exactly what I was looking for... you're not the only bookmarking folder freak out there!!! THANK YOU!!!
  • Exactly what I was looking for... you're not the only bookmarking folder freak out there!!! THANK YOU!!!
  • Am am delighted by opening many tabs; sure not tabs for the sake of tabs. It is a surfing style and I plan on changing no time soon.

    tab sets

    Tab Kit: can collaps into a set. You might like (borring some ideas from) it

    TooManyTabs: can save a tab set into the TMT dimension (releasing resources)... but they seem to be resisting any kind of auto stuff anything into the TMT dimension with user rules. Maybe you could?

    Bookmark current tab set: as you might imagine makes that process slightly easier.

    1@ dev & folder nested: I like that, too

    2@ dev: why not work to make tags nestable?

  • It's a great tool, that I highly recommend to everyone.
    I have been looking for this kind of tool for many years to organize my bookmark more efficiently.
    It's very useful, it's very user-friendly and it works smoothly.
    Please continue to improve this wonderful tool !
    For example, I would like to use a color code to find my bookmarks more easily.
    It's the best add-on in Firefox and I've been using a lot since i discovered it. Thank you for your work.
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