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it works well (library design is a bit messed and it would be great if there was thumbnails for every site linked ..but this is an issue of categorian, not of the toolbar), just I'd like if there was a way to hide the toolbar. For example, using SU addon, there's a SU icon (menu: view /toolbars/customize) that you can drag to the navigation toolbar. Clicking this icon will toggle the appearance of the SU toolbar, so you can save screen space.

Thank you!

Hi Valeria. Thank you for your rating and review. :)

I would like you to know that there is a way of hiding the toolbar. If you have a version installed prior to 1.0, you can add a custom toolbar button to toggle the categorian toolbar. In 1.0 this button is added to your main toolbar by default. Also as of version 1.0 you can just right click the toolbar to get to the default toolbar / customize options. I highly recommend you to install the latest version.

As long as my add-on is not reviewed by Mozilla (I'm currently waiting to get it reviewed), automatic updates will not work.

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to drag the toolbar into another toolbar (like the add-on toolbar or your bookmarks toolbar), or to add other elements to the Categorian toolbar. In other words: it is not customizable, but it is something I will work on in future versions.