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Why was Casino Blocker created?

After being confronted with online gambling addiction I searched for a way to let users block any online gambling related websites because nowadays (even when using Adblock and other tools) it's easy to end up on gambling websites and be tempted to poor money into them.
For non-addicted people, this is easy to walk away from but for addicted people this can be a harder decision than most can imagine.

This journey of finding such a tool was however an impossible one. There are no tools with preloaded lists of domain names to block.
I took it on myself to create a Firefox add-on that would do not only that, but would also give a clear warning to the user, because after all, the user would install this add-on for a reason.

I know my way around Javascript and other development tools, but this was an interesting journey to take on.
I never knew how Firefox add-ons were made, let alone how to create one myself.
After spending weeks reading into add-on development I finally had a working version, and after spending a lot of hours looking for online casinos others will no longer have to visit them.

I've had (and still have) a great time working on this and hope to be able to make not only the blocked website list grow, but also the functions and help the people that struggle every time they are online.

What's next for Casino Blocker

As of 16 march 2014 this add-on has over 1250 active users (!!)
This inspired me to keep this add-on updated with the latest SDK versions and increase the number of blocked websites whenever possible.

(As this is a project I do in my free time the update release dates are a bit random.)

If you have any good ideas (or tips on websites to block) let me know at and I'll be happy to get in touch with you!

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Developer Information
Name RandomDomain.Name
Location Netherlands
Occupation Test Analyst
User since October 28, 2013
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