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  • Perfetta...INDISPENSABILE.

  • Sometimes (randomly) it blanks the entire text box and Undo won;t fix it. This sux dix when editing as long text box, like blog entries. On top of that, you have to reload the page before editing your text again. I always do select all, copy before using this so I can recover if it fux everything up.

    You have to right-click the little icon to get the menu. You should be able to left click, too.

    Should be invokable by a hot key-combo. Now, you have to right-click and find the "change case" in the context menu. Usually just easier to retype the text.

    Doesn't work at all in many text boxes. Probably ones controlled by JavaScript or something, but I don;t give a damn because sometimes it doesn't work. I don;t care why.

    I frequently have to copy my text, paste it in another web page's input box, change the case, then copy and paste it back.

  • Nice add-on!! I was searching something like this, cause "another browser" in MAC has this useful tool, and Firefox no. Now I have the answer, this is an add-on highly recommended!!

  • Any chance of getting RTF capabilities?
    Works very well everywhere except in the text area of my Yahoo E-Mail.
    Works in the send to input boxes.
    Can't use Home Page?

  • Big time saver. Very useful for me as I write a lot of emails and web posts etc...

  • Hotkeys for the 3 cases would be nice. E.g. mark text > Alt + ArrowUp = Cap Each Word.

  • It does exactly what it says it does, no bugs and no problems so far. The best part is you can just select one word or a sentence to change, I had been using another add on similar to this but that one would only change the entire block of text.

  • I love this add-on! It is very handy & cuts my work time down when editing.

  • Nice, simple and works as expected!

    Very good, congratulations :)

  • I have been waiting for a while for functionality that can fix case in the body of the page. Now, I do not have to stress my brain and eyes when somebody decides to shout(all letters in capital case) on the forums. And generally this is a good option if you want to make page presentable before printing/saving.

  • I'm begging you to create a version that works with Thunderbird email. I periodically search for case changing extensions for Mozilla programs and you seem to be the only one who is doing something about this. I have had case changing in my text writing programs since the eighties and I don't know why I can't have it in Thunderbird.

  • Version is great :)
    Changelog speaks for itself:
    - Majority of reported bugs fixed
    - Can now change on-page text as well as in-field text
    - Works on Google and Gmail
    - Donation link added
    - Options updated

  • Works OK. Would give five stars IF this addon had the same shortcut as Microsoft Word 2003 has: SHIFT-F3.

  • Can also confirm that it doesn't work with gmail when it is set to 'rich formatting'. I also wanted this for gmail hence the poor score.

    Also anything you have 'Already Capitalised' will be overwritten to 'already capitalised'

    Will work if you set gmail to 'plain text' though but just not clever enough for me.

  • unobstructive & simple add-on

    pls provide this same support for outlook express

  • I wanted it for composing Gmails. No Case Changer option appeared in the context menu though.

  • Perfect !!!

    I love it a lot, it's a great add-on !


  • I really like it! this is special for those who moderate forums and need to edit caps!
    good idea!

  • Just what I've been looking for!! Works great without any conflicts with the other add-ons I'm using. Thanks so much!!!!