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  • Can't believe it took me so long to find this, the perfect new tab page. I love it, it's minimalistic yet highly customisable and most impressively, it's free! Shout out to the dev, great work!
  • it`s ok but in firefox it appears only if press + tab, not when starts firefox.
  • Love this, any chance of adding local weather to this? Would be nice to have the world clocks along with local weather (with maybe the forcast).
  • Excellent!* Super ok*****
  • Brilliant. I am often losing track of time while spending most of that time on the internet, opening new tabs all the while. With this add-on, it's basically impossible for me to lose track of time (or even the date!) while I'm browsing the web. My favorite feature of this add-on might be that I can simply open a new tab and leave it there to have the time visible in the tab bar, a place I glance much more often and comfortably than my taskbar (when the taskbar is even visible). And though I don't spend much time on the new tab page itself, the minimalistic look is very clean. The only thing missing for me, personally, is the ability to adjust the horizontal spacing of the time display; I like the numbers bigger but I'd like to be able to squeeze them closer together.
  • I named the new tab 'Sit And Wait - The Game'
  • Really cool!

    Just a thought, when a grey background style is set, when launching a new tab, the tab's background initially is white and then is turns to grey. Could it be grey from the start?
  • Horloge sympa. Très bonne extension, bien pensée, beaucoup de paramètres et facile d'utilisation. Bravo je recommande ;)