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  • Does not work on firefox 60.
    Selection of the area works only if you start from the top left corner.

  • Not working for me in Firefox 60. Button turns everything yellow and I can highlight what I want, but preview page opens up with about the left 1/2 of the whole page; no exceptions. Am I doing something wrong?

  • 4-17-18....Just noticed that Capture and Print is now working again in Firefox. Thank you for fixing this add on !! MY favorite app for clipping and printing info from various websites. I like it in particular for capturing then printing out product info /specs to compare items when shopping on the internet. This add on beats all the other snipping tools for simplicity and ease of use. Thanks again.

  • does no create searcheable pdf´s

    Developer response

    excuse me? this add-on does not even creates PDFs....

  • It worked ONE TIME and I loved it. Now it turns the whole screen yellow and won't allow me to select :(

    Developer response

    Sorry to hear that, what Firefox version are you using?

  • Quase serviu, deveria mover por toda a tela mas para selecionar move apenas dentro do que esta mostrando no vídeo de maneira que não é possível selecionar o que esta abaixo.

  • Under Firefox 57 and 58, Capture & Print did not work for printing until AdBlock Plus (ABP) was disabled. Clicking on the Capture & Print icon brings up the yellow overlay and allows selection of the area to be printed. Next, Print Preview comes up, but with AdBlock Plus enabled, the entire web page is previewed, as usual, not just the area selected for printing. With AdBlock Plus disabled, Capture & Print works correctly for printing. Capture & Print works correctly for copying to the clipboard, even with AdBlock Plus enabled.

    Please fix Capture & Print so AdBlock Plus does not have to be disabled before printing and then re-enabled after printing. Thanks for updating the extension to work in the new Firefox environment.

    Developer response

    Hi, thanks for bringing that issue to our attention. However, please report the problem to the ABP authors, since as you're describing it's an issue caused by their add-on, thank you.

  • Cette application est excellente, ceci dit, elle vient d'être mise a jours pour FF Quantum, mais elle ne fonctionne pas correctement pour la selection, donc actuellement elle n'est pas utilisable. Je pense que cela va être corrigé très vite

  • This is one of may favorite add-ons! However, when Firefox updated, it stopped working & there is no other app that does what this one can do. Today, I found out that it fnally updated to the new version of Firefox but it is still not working properly.

    ** UPDATE ** So happy it finally works as it should! Thanks to the reviewer who posted that disabling Adblock temporarily will allow the app work as intended. Perhaps the creator would consider adding a note so that everyone using this app may benefit.

  • Am curious if developer (Diego) sees/reads these comments? If he does, would he be so kind as to update us with his intentions for a new add-on that works with the current release of FF?

    Developer response

    Yes, i try read every single review, although my free time is kinda limited nowadays, in any case i was able to schedule some spare time to work on an update and i'm pleased to announce that a new version that does work with Firefox 57+ is now available to download. Thanks everybody for your patience and support!

  • really miss this add on to foxfire, and the old rev is not comparable, hope you can re support this, sure do miss it,

  • make this work with the latest version of fiorefox

  • dommage qu'il ne fonctionne plus

  • The best add on as I know, I like it this add on, because only this screen capture can make range area selection over the screen wide, usually the maximum selection just only the full screen area, but this add on is very excellent once
    But unfortunately i can not use it now in accordance to new firefox, it is really shit
    Update please...........!!!!

  • Please update this Add-On, was one of the only reasons I liked this browser.

  • excellent, please uptdate !!!!!

  • Its just the best and easiest to use in its catagory. But now, with the new Fierfox Quantum v 57, it doesn't work any more so is badly in need of an update. I hope it is updated soon as a lot of people seem to enjoy using it.

  • Update please, it is the best add-on for capture and printing web page selection. Thank you

  • Bitte, bitte auf neues Firefox updaten.

  • Update pls for new Firefox

  • Please Update to Firefox 57+.

  • I discovered that the add-on FireShot is capable of freehand / rectangle selecting websitecontent (as is) in combination with scrolling down with moderate speed in order to partial select large webpages. Preselection of the processing is possible, so you can predecide to print, save, save as .pdf , copy to clipboard.

  • MMB and RMB capture are perfect.
    But there is a problem in LMB area capture.
    Usually I just want captured part to be saved as a image file or clipboard(like MMB and RMB), not to be printed.
    So I think some options need in extension option page(in about:addons), such as 'save as'(1. image file, 2. clipboard, 3. print, 4. ask me).

  • Thank You!

  • Hey Diego,

    Just tried to use this on Windows 10 Pro with FireFox 51.0.1 (32-bit) and I'm getting the following error when I try to capture a page, "Argument 1 of CanvasRenderingContext2D.drawWindow does not implement interface Window." Please help to fix it!

    Thank you so much for building such a neat add-on!