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  • testando
  • We need capture fox update desperately :) Keep up with the good work if this add-on is developed.
  • essa extensao e muito boa para se gravar
  • I am currently working on recreating this in my free time, as a fun project.

    I am addressing Windows platform first and am using DirectShow. I am making great progress as seen here - https://github.com/Noitidart/ostypes_playground/commits/audio-capture

    If anyone is want to collaborate, especially on the Linux and Mac part, please let me know. I would really appreciate it. Even if you don't want to get involved in the js-ctypes, if you know the AVFoundation on Mac, or the method on Linux, if you can show me the code I can port it.

    I know of the future of WebRTC however, I have seen many extensions in Google Chrome do this and they had to rely on binary components to get it perfect. This is why I'm going with js-ctypes approach.

    Please email me at noitidart@gmail.com and I would love to work with you!
  • Its been over 3 years since this add-on stopped being compatible and there STILL NOTHING LIKE IT out there.

    I will never understand why no other add-on has picked up the torch here...

    Simple, convenient, amazing .. of course it goes away!
  • hummm...not compatible with firefox 33 can you fix that plz
  • Bj,
    Connaissez-vous une alternative ? Car visiblement "Not available for Firefox 30.0" !!! :(
    Sachant que Download Helper ne me permet pas de récupérer les vidéos du site sur lequel je cherche à récupérer des vidéos ...
  • pourtant l'était utile et convivial ce module
  • I really don't understand the need of so many releases that just kick out the bests addons to conserve only little cosmetic addons.
    For each release, it's always the same message : "XXX does NOT work with your beautiful new release. Sorry. But if you don't upgrade FF you will have a big lake of security..."

    Good bye Firefox, Hello chrome.
  • :(
  • Please support Firefox 20.0.1
  • Does this only work on Windows? I will want to use It for Windows 7 to do A Lets Play. I am currently just looking at recording programs on my MacBook.
  • Wow...I am impressed. Very nice and so well worth it. THANKS!
  • With Firefox 17.0.1 will work or buried addition?
  • not really the best free for me.. it still lacks more flexibility and functionality. doesn't have editing tools.. better go with Ezvid free screen recorder for Windows.
  • This gets 1 start until you find a way for symantec to stop freaking out thinking its an exploit on my schools computers
  • Very useful addon. Simple and works like a charm (for short videos < 1 min then Firefox starts having a heart attack). This is the only addon of its kind, we need it badly! Hopefully it will be updated one day... since the version 6 of Firefox seems stable now, what about an update now?... please... Mr CaptureFox?
  • I'm a extension author myself. You could try using js-ctypes to replace Binary XPCOM component. This is what I have done to my extension ChmFox. And the latest ChmFox 2.1 support FF 4 - FF 8 without any problem and no more recompile ..
    Hope it work for you
  • archivo pesado y sonido irregular
  • Hi,
    You can easily solve this by editing, in your windows profile, the config.xul on line 63 and add the following:

    Now, restart Firefox and vwala
  • Video quality (max. 5 framers per second) is too poor. Otherwise, excellent "software to watch." Hope you up the FPS!
  • Très utile pour les prise de vue "photo" ou videos de pages.
    Surtout si vous bossé en collaboration Webmaster sur site web ou autres pour démontrer un bug.
    Merci pour ce module.

  • Does not work. Tried it a few times, and each it caused FF4 to quit responding when I went to stop recording. I Uninstalled and Reinstalled to try again and it caused FF4 to Crash.
  • installed version 8 does not work, restarted firefox several times . checked add manager and it is listed. however icon does not appear
    Icon is on the statusbar.
    By default, the add-on bar (a.k.a. status bar) may be hidden. So you need to turn it on by clicking View->Toolbars->Add-on Bar. Click Alt key to see the menu where View menu is located.
  • Very nice addon that runs smoothly, even on the terrible computer I have to work with in my work office, but unfortunately it's rendered completely unusable for my purposes because it can't record at anything higher than 5FPS. I understand a major key to this addon is accessibility, but that leaves out people with more capable computers who are looking to make smooth-running videos. Simply put, the FPS issue makes the videos this addon puts out unwatchable. I still gave you 3 stars because for all other intents and purposes, it seems to function just fine. Might I recommend considering a more heavy-duty version of the addon that can do 20+ FPS?