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  • Excellent--It makes it so easy-TY
  • I'm so excited.this is the best way of watching your spending and not losing your card.thankyou
    We're happy you've downloaded Eno! Thanks for the review!
  • it's awesome I can lock or unlock virtual numbers anytime without affecting your other spending. thank you Capital One.
  • The whole reason I got the Venture card was to have the ability to make virtual cards with Eno but two weeks after receiving the card I still cannot access Eno. For some reason it cannot validate my phone number even though it is the one I listed in my profile on the Capital One website. Multiple calls to tech support has not helped. They keep telling me I just have to wait until it propagates through the system. Two weeks is not enough?? This card is useless and is going back. I have given up and will order a card from Citi Bank
  • Does not work with TracFone, Google voice, Comcast voice as verification is dependent on sms text. Many other security and functional limitations as no $ or time limit. This a poor reflection on Capital One. I will be switching to Citi which supports virtual cards.
  • BEWARE: Major bug in core system app, not just in user app. When you implement a lock on one of your virtual number and status shows that it is locked and a locked icon appears, and the word LOCKED appears on the screen. IT IS NOT LOCK. charges still go thru 10 days later. Tech support couldn't care less.
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • If you are looking for a ShopSafe replacement (recently cancelled by Bank of America) Eno based virtual credit card numbers from a CapitalOne card are not for you. These virtual credit card numbers do not give you the same protections from online fraud and do not work the way you would expect. First, you must use this app to create and manage virtual numbers. There is no website that I can find. This app is "always on" and watching your browsing activity to look for a site it thinks you might want a virtual credit card number for. So your browsing activity is no longer private. You cannot create a virtual card number until the app sees you on such a site. I was able to activate it on a dummy site, but then it links that URL to the credit card number. It set the expiration date of the virtual credit card 5 years into the future, oddly, past the expiration date for my real Capital One credit card. You cannot set a virtual number to expire after a certain number of months, like you could for ShopSafe numbers. Likewise, you cannot set a maximum charge amount for a virtual number, so anyone who gets this can charge as much as they like. So Eno virtual credit card numbers don't protect you from an unscrupulous online vendor, like ShopSafe did. In fact, if you read the Terms and Conditions, you will see that the virtual number may not even be locked to a specific merchant, like ShopSafe was. They appear to be testing this, but "...a VC# you create for use Merchant A should work at Merchant A, but may or may not work at Merchant B." So in my opinion, this does not really protect me very much. In fact, since there are no limits on the merchants and you cannot limit the maximum amount nor set a short expiration date, it may make you more vulnerable to fraud. If someone steals a virtual number from a company you gave it to, they can use it just as if they stole a card from your wallet. The only reasonable thing you can really do is delete the virtual number, but that assumes you know it was stolen. We usually dont find out about that until long long after it happens.

    In fairness, unlike other reviews, I will say that I had no problems using my phone number to validate (via text messages) and get this set up. Setup worked just fine.

    I am thinking carefully, because I really want a ShopSafe alternative, but this credit card will probably go back.
  • I'm a long-time Capital One Banking customer. After BofA discontinued their virtual credit card numbers ("ShopSafe") I opened a Capital One Savor One card account for the SOLE PURPOSE OF USING VIRTUAL NUMBERS FOR ONLINE SHOPPING. After receiving the card and attempting to set up Eno I was frustrated by the inability to log into my account / verify my account, which requires the ability to receive an SMS text. I do not have a mobile phone, and the Google Voice account that I have isn't "acceptable" to the Eno verification process. Every other financial account or service that I have (and there are almost a dozen of them, not including the IRS..) allows me to verify either by a phone call, a hard-copy mailed PIN, or an email sent to the address on file. It appears that Capital One doesn't care much about their customer's needs or requirements, since the only option being provided for Eno verification is the SMS/text of an identifier. After an hour with Tech Support and an escalation to a supervisor I've been told "this is the way it is". So non-mobile phone users are automatically excluded as Eno users. That is blind thinking.

    Since I can't use Eno I've decided to open a competitor's card account (the one remaining provider of virtual card numbers), and while I'm at it I may as well move my banking accounts as well. I already have too many accounts at different institutions.

    If this isn't fixed in 90 days I'll have no need for the Savor One card. After I've earned the $150 spiff that I get for the new card I'll be closing that account. Thanks Capital One for the $150 and for the memories.
    We've received everyone's feedback on how frustrating it is to not be able to use this awesome product. We're working on a solution that will both continue to protect your accounts while at the same time allowing you to verify your identity that doesn't rely on a phone number. No immediate timeline is available. In the meantime, you may continue to try registering periodically.
  • ENO works sometimes and it doesn't sometimes. When it doesn't I can't find a way to generate a virtual number manually so I'm left with no other options but to use my credit card numbers instead of virtual numbers. I would like to find a way to be able to use virtual numbers all the time.
  • The best feature about this is that I can't enable access on my account.
    Please give us a call at 866-750-0873 so a rep can go through some troubleshooting steps with you. Thanks for giving us the heads up about this!
  • Spent probably a couple of hours over 2 days on the phone with 8667500873 trying to get logged into this thing - the only verification option it offers is text message, and despite my having a mobile number on my account, says I don't and fails to verify my mobile number when I enter it. Eventually I "hit the max" and have to wait for the next day to try again (and call in again). This is ridiculous - just got this Capital One card because BofA is getting rid of shopsafe and I rely on virtual numbers. Please make it possible to verify some way other than a mobile number, because this is clearly broken! Also, the android app is not compatible with my device, so if that was the alternative it also does not work.
  • This is a great app that I've been using pretty much since it's inception on Firefox and Chrome. I rarely have problems with it. Typically it pops up automatically on any page that has fields for credit card information, searches for an existing card number for the site, and if it doesn't find one it automatically generates and fills the information and saves the fake card for future use. Sweet! Hopefully I won't have to change my credit card information on 100 websites next time somebody hacks one.
  • This does not work right now. I called support and was told I have to use Chrome that this extension does not work with Firefox. Why even have it? It used to work great. Wish they would fix it.
    We appreciate you letting us know about this. The extension should work for Firefox. the best thing to try and do first would be to make sure Firefox is up to date. Then check and see if Eno is up to date as well. If you've checked both of those things, we recommend that you reach out to us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/AskCapitalOne or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CapitalOne so we can chat more about this.
  • Intuitive app that offers no features beyond a "Something went wrong" message 9 times out of 10 after logging in, preventing usage. A bold, progressive usage model which will make you question why you installed it to begin with.
    Thanks for letting us know about the issue you described in your review. For help with this, please give us a call at 866-750-0873. We'd be more than happy to chat with you and troubleshoot. We appreciate your feedback.
  • horrible and phone help was worse i cant get into ENO to use my card online
    We appreciate your feedback about Eno. While we're not sure which number you called us at, our dedicated tech support team would be happy to assist further. Please give us a call at 866-750-0873 and let the rep know whats going on.

    Additionally, you may want to check and see if Firefox itself needs to be updated. This might help with the issue you're seeing. Thanks again for the heads up.
  • I like the feature a lot. I wish there were a way to sign in with push notification or something instead of password every time, but it's nice to be able to have virtual cards.
    Thanks for your review, Vaelkyrie. We also appreciate the suggestion about logging into Eno and we'll forward it to our dev team. Glad to hear you like Eno!
  • Addon tells me my password is wrong even though the same exact password logs me into the site. Might want to check your input sensitization to be the same as your website.

    Edit: Addon doesn't work with Firefox Version 69+. Phone support wasn't helpful as this is something the developers need to fix.
    Please give us a call at 866-750-0873, so we can troubleshoot any issue you're seeing and try to get you making virtual cards in no time.