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CanImage Version History

6 versions

Be careful with old versions!

These versions are displayed for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.

Version 0.4.1-signed.1-signed 62.6 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 56.*

Better communication with BBComposer, screenshot capture bug resolved, better file picker.

Version 0.2.1-signed.1-signed 48.9 KiB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 10.*

A CanImage major version with many improvements :
- capture different zones of the window
- put image as data uri in text fields
- better clipboard exportation support
- etc

Version 43.7 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 6.*

New features (brightness, crop etc..).

Version 0.1.5 38.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b7

Added image manipulation buttons : crop, brightness, contrast, color inversor.
Images can now be extracted from all canvas and some videos.

Version 0.1.4 25.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.0 - 4.0b7

Added Horizontal and vertical flip. Added icons for more friendly ui. FF4.0 compatible.

Version 0.1.3 20.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.6.*

This new version allows opening image from the clipboard. Some bugs has been resolved.