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  • Makes me confident!
  • with respect and appreciation, thanx, thanks, and thank you
  • Too bad this dictionary is not compatible with Thunderbird 60.069. Right now I'm using UK English dictionary. Not the same!
  • Way to go, eh!
  • As a Canadian who's learned to spell a lot of words the American way I really appreciate this dictionary. Only gripe I have with it is it's missing a small handful of obscure words like "diatomaceous".
  • Ik heb alleen op een technische school drie jaar Engels geleerd, met de nadruk op Technisch. Nu ben ik meer nodig dan alleen maar technisch, en daarbij komt me dit goed van pas.
  • However, the Canadian spelling of Gemology is Gemmology
  • There are so many words missing from this dictionary, it's very incomplete.
  • It must be complicated to be a native English speaking Canadian, some words are okay in the British form like adjectives with the -sized/-sised suffixes or some words being like American English not British English and I'm not speaking of words like "colour" are okay with the u but some more obscure ones must be written the American way.

    Found this to help us : http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/03/11/canadian-english-differen_n_2853947.html
  • Very useful.
    Really great stuff: It works as advertised and fills a need.
    Thanks very much for working on this -and for making it available.
  • Yes, the metre (Right along with a litre (fluid)) being Canada's base units of measure are rather big ones to miss?

    Developer response

    Not sure what to tell you - both metre an litre are in the dictionary! Please verify that you have "English (Canada)" selected as your spelling language, and send me an email if you still have trouble.
  • It's a good start, but the following words are missing. Thank you Creator:
    toonie - 2 dollar coin
    touque is the proper spelling for winter hat
    Humidex - What the weather feels like
    Eavestrough - roof gutter- it's one word
    Parkade - a building where you park your car that spirals upwards.
    Metre - Canadian Metric measurement, also to save space. mm, cm, dm, m, km - Meter is the US way.
    mickie - 375mm bottle of liquor
    soaker - foot ware being wet from something while you are wearing it.
    I could go on, but these are pretty common ones. Keep Up the Good Work!

    Developer response

    Thanks for the review - I've added most of your suggestions to the next release. Metre was already present - please send me an email if you still have trouble with that one.

    I do have to disagree with one suggestion - 375mL of liquor is actually a "mickey" according to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.
  • Works great, thanks!
  • Não acontece nada quando clico para instalar no firefox 39.0.3

    O mesmo acontece com outros pacotes de idioma.
  • So you wanna write like a Canadian eh? This is the add-on for you.
  • Very usefull. I've been using it for years.
  • Great add-on! Now a Chesterfield is truly a sofa!!! ;)
  • It works great nearly all the time, though still come across having to manually add words which ought to be in here by default. Also, is there absolutely no way to sync so that words already added are always saved even when after a system restore?
  • Something that helps a lot in essays, it catches a lot of mistakes I would have made if I had kept it as UK English.
  • Great help... sure the plural thing bugs me a bit, but other than that It serves my needs just fine
  • Thank you! Finally I can write "cheque" and it is not annoyingly underlined in red... :)
  • Excellent dictionary, eh!
  • I have used this many times and found it to be good every time.
  • I'd be lost without this add-on! I've only come across a very few number of words that are not in the Canadian English Dictionary.
  • programme & recognise to name only a few. FAIL!

    Developer response

    "Programme" is considered a secondary spelling - many of those words were excluded from the list simply to save space. I'll get it added to the next version.

    In Canadian English, however, "-ise" is considered incorrect. Only a handful of words are exceptions to that general rule: