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  • Seemed to be working correctly in Firefox 40.0.3 for me. Updating to Firefox 41.0 broke the Adaptive style as well as caused issues for the Add-ons Manager - Version Number add-on.

  • Very good add on until FF40 came along now it needs updating so all relevant info is shown

  • Good little add-on, but would be great if you could bring back the pre-40 grey background.

  • Please fix sidebar borders for FF40

  • A must-have for users who have many addons. Save a lot of space, better management, especially when you use a sidebar addon like OmniSidebar. Should be natively built in Firefox.

  • Красіво,гарно,удобно,зручно і харашо зроблено!!

  • Nice, simple and clean. (works with 37.0.1)
    two thumbs up.

    Everyone should use this.

  • Great use of space

  • Much better use of the space over the original.

  • Tried Slim Add-ons Manager first, which works great, but Cleanest Addon Manager has less space between rows, which allows more addons to be shown, requiring less scrolling.

  • looks great

  • Perfect |||

  • This makes your add-ons neater by removing your capability to set their options, disable, enable, or remove. Only install it if you don't care about that. On the plus side, it doesn't require a restart, so I was able to immediately remove it.
    Most people love it, so perhaps they don't have the same setup as I do: my add-ons open in my sidebar.

  • Very well done. Makes a much nicer addon site.

  • Your extension brings a semblance of order to the messy default addon manager without using a bunch of Chrome.css tweaks.

    Well done.

  • This add-on is amazing. It really helps clean up the about:addons page. It does something simple (make the horizontal items vertically narrower), but it really cleans up the page design.

    A nice addition is that it also works with sections added by other extensions (e.g. Greasemonkey, Stylish, etc.).

    I've experienced no incompatibilities with this extension.

  • Firefox default addon manager is so totally dysfunctional that this addon is indispensable.

    I was wondering though, is it possible to add normal browser window functions like "copy text", "search text" etc as FF by default makes it impossible to e.g. find the addon's homepage at addons.mozilla.org (unless addon author has not provided it)?

  • This extension is a beautiful thing. If you're already familiar with the way add-ons work in Firefox, you'll really appreciate how this extension streamlines your add-on lists—especially if you're like me, and have 20 or 30 of them installed. (Hey, they're so great, it's hard to stop!)

  • This is a space-saving alternative that is worth trying out for anyone that has more than two add-ons installed.

  • No need 2 the silly space-hogging blurb line below each addon. There is already a 'more' link that does even 'more' than that, so all it does is make things LESS usable, just like Australis & other Firefox design MISTAKES. This corrects 1 of those design MISTAKES =) It UNDOES some of their DAMAGE, like UPgrading 2 Windows XP from Windows 8 or 7 or Vista. It is an UPgrade, not 'retro downgrade'. New does not necessarily mean better.

  • I likey !

  • アドオンマネージャーが見やすくなり、使い勝手が向上します。只それだけです。

  • reviewing all your add-on s shows you are a very clean person :)

  • ...unlike mentioned one, "Cleanest Addon Manager" does not slim down Available Updates category, and also it would be nice if it could compact Recent Updates category implemented by "Addons Recent Updates" extension.

  • Cleanest Addon Manager organizes information that appears in the Addon Manager window. The information is much easier to read in comparison to information in the default Addon Manager window. I would not want to be without Cleanest Addon Manager.
    Platform (updated 11/16/14): FF 33.1.1, Mac OS 10.8.5, Cleanest Addon Manager 7.0