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  • Would 5 start this if only it was ported to WE ...
    Such an UI relief !! Please port it ! (Or let us know if you don't plan to)

  • Very nice ... removes all the clutter.

  • Does as advertised, beautifully

  • I like this add-on a lot.
    Please let users know if this add-on will able to be updated or not so... we will know if will work on Firefox Nightly 57+ or not. Because if can add-on needs updated to Web Extensions to work on all Firefox channels. Thank you

  • this addon removes all the useless whitespace; thanks! (should be the normal built-in)

  • The yellow alerts 'LEGACY' are relatively huge. If possible, I'd like them shrunk, with the text made grey and no larger than the (adjacent) grey descriptive texts, and lowercase 'legacy'.

    I find it necessary to zoom in or out before the statistics become visible at the head of about:addons

  • I Would not recommend this Add-on to everyone.

  • Ah. I can see a lot more of my addons at a glance now!
    There's only one minor glitch: if the window is not wide enough, text gets "overlayed" in the middle. I did not notice any FF slowdown.

  • A few weeks ago I first recognized how slow the browser has become over time. I think the add-on has an issue with some recent under-the-hood update by Mozilla. I deactivated it and will check every now and then if the problem has been resolved.

  • For me it's a "must-have". With 40-65 addons on my list I need this addon. It also works in All-In-One Sidebar what saves time and is...just perfect :) I always install it on all my profiles and PCs

    Simplicity made for complexity :)

  • It helps to work with already established a large number of add-ons. Big improvement over the default user interface. Thank you for developing

  • It does exactly what it says it will do, no complaints.

  • Great Addon simple and easy for use.

  • One remark, please remove the extra padding around the page `#addons-page {padding: 10px !important;}`.

  • As much as I like this addon, it does not perform well with the most used & popular complete theme, FT DeepDark. All text in addons sections get washed out and difficult to read.

  • I appreciate your work.

  • perfect xD

  • thank you. suggestion: ability to annotate add-ons? like "don't remove, has key shortcuts settings" or "works good but slows FF, enable when required" or "(dont) use with XVZ add-on"etc etc

  • I like this one. So simple and cool.

  • Its Better :)

  • easy, simple and compact ty

  • These add-ons are fabulous. Easy and quick to install and work precisely the way they are described

  • It doesn't show the count of enabled and disabled addons anymore on Firefox 44.

  • ... quand, comme moi, on a + de 100 addons! Merci

  • Have used this for some time in Nightly, but for last few versions of Nightly it will crash Nightly if enabled. Hope you can fix.