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  • seems to work on waterfox 56.1.0 and is more telling than about:cache.

    Last Fetched field only reports one date, 12/31/1969 6:00PM and I've been unable to find any information regarding this issue.
  • It doesn't work. I have big cache of files (around 300MB+), no results showed at all, the add-on was just loading forever. While the Cache Viewer 1 works, it loads the results quicker.
  • Firefox 57 Please
  • 新版57firefox无法使用,但是之前使得还是挺好的,总体算个好插件
  • 非常好用,特别是从升级了新的版本许多缓存开始加密后,还可以查看和导出,非常方便!
  • Good functionality, but it doesn't support the modern firefox feature -- multi-process usage to effectively distribute the load.
  • 首先非常感谢作者提供了这个很好的插件,缓存还是非常不错的,除了有部分文件大小总是0意外。
  • Yes, it works (Firefox 45).
    Very useful to retrieve lost downloaded files in the cache.
    Thank you for this nice extension.
  • Keeps on Loading forever
  • I don't understand how can I run it? I type in url-address about:cashe and see just firefox cash without this addon... Why you didn't write how can i use it???

    Developer response

    if you installed it, you can find here: Tools-->CacheView2
  • I haven't used original caheviewer add-on, but this is definitely better than about:cache.
  • This one really needs a forked version for people who refuse to engage in the Australis stupidity. If you run PM you need version 1.6.1 and then refuse to update it.
  • a great tool!! I missed very much this useful add-on, thanks a lot!!
  • Works as it should! Such a useful addon, perhaps Firefox should consider incorporating this cache viewing model into their releases.
  • it used to work great but doesn't work any more since a long time now
  • 终于找到了能读缓存的插件!我猜大家都是为了存图片更方便。几个问题:

    1. 为什么所有缓存的“最后获取”都是1970?按说我在网页上看到的东西就应该已经缓存了对吧?刷新了为什么还看不到?

    2. 在 cacheviewer中刷新后,过滤选项不会自动生效,必须在过滤内容输入框中按回车确认才行。

    3. 文件单位是 byte,能否改为 KB?

    4. 能否支持从cacheviewer中推拽保存图片?就像firefox中一样。
  • ... which makes it almost unusable!
    My optimistic earlier view did not help...

    1. Dates are NOT working,
    2. Multiple file operations are NOT working, neither saving nor opening in browser.
    3. Memory entries are NOT shown in listing, although counted.
    4. Predominant and intrusive DONATE button still there!
    5. and, and, and (e.g. missing entries)... under FF Version 35.01

    Benki's orginal version 0.8.6 is now working perfectly - see here: http://park2.wakwak.com/~benki/

  • Basically useless, because it shows the same never-changing, totally absurd date/timestamp for each item. Also has only one timestamp, not two like the original CacheViewer. Also has an obnoxious huge ?DONATE? button that you can't get rid of.

    There are one or two minor added features, but overall this thing is too clunky and buggy to use. The original CacheViewer is pretty poor, but this is even worse.
  • 在“网页另存为”,“图片另存为”操作中,能否直接调用火狐本地的缓存,而不是重新请求服务器?
  • 很不错 文件大小的显示如果能自动选择合适的单位就更好了
  • The latest revsion 1.7.2 still has the incorrect fetch date issue!!!
    Please refer to image url:
    The incorrect fetch date always show : 1970/1/1
  • select multiple cached files and right click save, after select folder, the entire firefox will crash.
  • Inaccurate Last Date fetched

    Running cacheviewer 2 under FF 33.1 under Windows 7.
    The last date fetched of all files shows 12/31/1969 4:00 PM.
    Individually, the files show correct date in preview window..
    Used this add-on on my last computer and worked weel with no problem.
    Sorry for posting a bug report here but cannot find anything on add-on support
  • 非常喜欢这个应用,常用来清除一些不常用的缓存,但是在更新FF32之后一些缓存无法被清除掉,且这些缓存的大小被显示为0,但在缓存文件夹中依然有缓存文件,希望能修正一下这个bug。

    Developer response

  • Currently saving files to disk is only possible in FLAT MODE, ie. all selected files are saved to the selected directory ignoring the cache folder structure.

    A VERY GOOD THING would be to allow saving while keeping this folder structure for the selected files. This would allow, for instance, to save objects (eg. Flash swf) which link to other objects. With the present version this has to be done tediously file by file :-(

    Thanks in advance.

    Developer response

    thanks idea.
    may be add it.
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