Deceptive, creates problems & useless Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is deceptive, creates problems and is next to useless (totally useless for many users).

It looks good on first glance. Allows you to see in real time what megabyte levels your disk and memory cache are.

But as another reviewer below noted, *this does not actually clear your disk cache when you tell it to*. When you right click the MB numbers the add-on provides, then select "Clear Disk Cache" (or "Clear All Cache"), this doesn't just delete the cache as the Firefox built-in "Clear Now" button does. Instead, it oddly shifts your entire disk cache to a new folder called "Cache.Trash".

If you put your cache folder on a limited-space different disk drive to improve performance and save space on your system drive, this behavior both causes your disk to fill up substantially faster and potentially run out of space. For those who don't move their cache to a different disk, this poorly designed add-on instead increases your disk fragmentation needlessly, as well as uses up disk space.

As well, if the poor disk the cache is on runs out of space due to the idiocy of how this works, the add-on can't actually "clear" any cache at all. The number shown on the status bar (etc.) never actually changes and nothing is done. Due to the fact, as noted, it doesn't actually clear the cache; it instead shifts the entire cache contents to a new folder.

Finally, it fouls up the built-in Firefox 7.x cache clearing function (which actually works properly). When you go to Options, Advanced, Network, it no longer tells you "Your cache is currently using ***** of disk space". Instead, that entire line is blanked out. As well, clicking the "Clear Now" button no longer functions.

So highly recommend to find a different add-on to clear your cache and stay away from this one. At least until the author changes it to actually function as they claim it does.

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This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

No deception intended...

I originally wrote this back during Firefox 1 and I needed an easy way to clear the cache and it grew from there. I admit I haven't kept up with Firefox's progress through the ages that well, but I welcome code contributions. :)

If you're experiencing issues, it may be a conflict with another add-on.

I admit I'm no JavaScript / FF expert, so I definitely welcome patches and pointers on how to do things right. :) My code is publicly available at: