45 reviews
  • Works great! Haven't had a site that it hasn't worked on yet.
  • 90% of the time it's not working. Useless garbage.
  • Awesome! It saves time and I don't have to worry about captchas!
  • Finally! Works perfect.
    Using a Google service to beat another is so genius !! the addon maker has like 1000 IQ !! this thing saves our time and our privacy, all browsers should have this addon by default

    btw if you get "YOur compUter IS seNdIng autOMateD quErIeS" :
    -be sure to accept all cookies (you can still block third parties)
    -go to about:config and set "resistFingerprinting" to false
    -change your user-agent
    -try to disable adblockers/privacy addons if nothing above works
  • works perfectly for me, it's the best extension working fully fine atm
  • Works on desktop but on android it always fails for me.
  • I've had this addon installed for about two weeks and it hasn't worked a single time.

    EDIT: Apparently the author has misconstrued my review for being a bug report.
  • best !!
  • This thing actually works. Fuck teaching Google bots for free.
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