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  • Está muy bueno, pero tarda bastante en abrir. No es posible exportar ni importar bookmarks
  • Nice thought and features but incomplete implementation.
  • So far fine, but where are the pages saved so I can restore them after a fresh install.
  • cannot change saved adress.
    cannot add dynamic adress
    cannot edit adresses on the dail-page.
  • This is just what I need to get me off of Opera and on to FF. Two suggestions would be to include the ability to import dials from bookmarks, and to do something about the gray bars that briefly flash before the page loads.
  • Good addon but theres a bug. 1-)Add a webpage to dial. 2-)Remove the dial. 3-)Add the same page again to dials. Now it gets multiplied.
  • not comprehensive
  • Great extension, I like the idea about folders so much. Imo the only thing it lacks is the last closed tabs (like in the other popular new tabs extension).
  • good extension, but speeddial v1.5 don't work from Waterfox 56 (on Firefox 56)
  • almost perfect like opera except one thing : customization of the images
  • very simple & sync. support
  • An efficient, no-nonsense speed dial. Ctrl+num hotkeys and being able to clearly define number of rows and columns were key features for me. As well as the lack of 'contextual always-online mobile-on-the-go login-to-disable-ads' cancer. Speed dial should be just speed dial, no more. And this one's that.

    -1 star due to the lack of dedicated options window. Instead I had to crawl all over the place, find options by pure accident, suffer though glitchy drag-n-drop, etc.
  • Great alternative to now inactive Super Start. Although I wish there was a way to set background image from hard drive instead of loading it from net. Transparent dials would be nice too.
  • Los dial se ven muy bien pero el addon tiene varios errores, como el que los dial se repitan varias veces solo con agregarlos una vez, o que la imagen del dial cambie por el de otra pagina y la falta de opciones, como cambiar el fondo o el tamaño de los dial.
  • Great work so far, looking forward to seeing it refined. It's a good alpha as it is now. You need to work a little bit more on customization (colors, sizes), selecting rows/columns is great!

    My personal opinion is that most people are looking to find a substitution for Super Start addon that no longer works in Firefox. Maybe take a look at that addon and you will know what to do. Some sort of import option would be great (look at group speed dial addon, they have import expert also support import from Super Start). If you could just add some options and keep the current looks (which Group Speed Dial lacks, it's just ugly) no one would even Super Start.

    Keep up the good work!
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