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  • Not even close to DownThemAll.
    Too dysfunctional, not at all practical.
    Opens each file in new "save as" window (I mean, come on guys, we can do this manually...). Crashes out mozilla every time.
    Honestly, 0 stars.

  • Χαλια! Φερτε πισω τα παλια προσθετα οπως το downthemall!

  • Интерфейс невнятный. Скачал видео без звука. Херня.

  • Alert, privacy. As an extension that scans the network and links not on current page while the GUI shows nothing. How did this FF extension pass security checks. version 0.2.1 Firefox 61.0 64bit

  • Piece of trash. Not alternative for DownThemAll.

  • I'd call it junkware: junk not worth having on your computer.
    I would rate this ZERO/ZILCH stars if I could. I am quitting Firefox because of these new versions that don't allow all the great old extensions. They should have worked with the good ones instead of offering this lousy one. I mean, DOS is more user friendly than this thing.
    Simply does not work well so it's time to switch back to Chrome or if they don't have something better, I'll find one that does.

  • Doesn't work at all

  • Слишком много "мусора" предлагает

  • Does not work on Firefox 60 Windows.

  • i miss you flashgot

  • не работает !

  • merci

  • went to a page with 47 png files - it downloaded 2 jpgs even when told to download pngs

  • It doesn't work in firefox 60 under linux. The downloader window opens but shows no media.

  • Não funciona ! Horrível! Não é prático de usar como a extensão legada DownThemAll.
    Extramente frustrante não ter a mesma interface e facilidade de uso da extensão anteriormente citada.
    Essa extensão é uma lástima!

  • Ninguno igual al Flashgot o al Dowmthemall

  • It's okay. Not really a user-friendly replacement for downthemall/flashgot/whatever, but if you can use search to find how to convert downloaded media files to a usable format with FFMPEG, you can make things work.

  • Just brings up a blank page and then NOTHING!

    I'm back to using DownThemAll with the TOR browser (stripped down secure FireFox browser)... works great.

  • I click on the icon to try to see what if anything this does and it opens a blank window for about a minute which then disappears. Hooray! Uninstall

  • Dodatek reklamowany jako zamiennik dla Flash gota. Nie wiem co ludzie robili flash gotem ale ja pobierałem pliki. Ten tu tego nie robi. W każdym razie nie tak jak bym chciał.
    -Ma problem z zobaczeniem multimediów na stronach
    -niewiele rozumiem z tego co widzę w głównym oknie i nie wiem co jest moim plikiem, który chce pobrać,
    -jeśli już coś pobierze to tak pozmienia nazwy, ze na następny dzień już nie pamiętam co i jak,

    Ogólna uwaga na koniec - W_y_P-I_eRdal-ac z tym nowym Firefoxem, nie da się pobierać strumieni multimedialnych, No script nie tworzy profili na stronę - SPRZEDALIŚCIE IDEE ZA SZMALEC - wracam do starej wersji dopóki nie znajdę czegoś innego. ZEGNAM.

  • Terrível essa extensão.

    Minha análise:

    1. Carregamento lento ou interminável e vazio / sem lista
    2. Não localiza a mídia ou, se localiza, é confuso
    3. Não identifica os nomes das mídias na lista
    4. Não intuitivo ou fácil de mexer / entender
    5. Abre janela pop-up sobreposta à página ao clicar no ícone, em vez de abrir um menu suspenso

    No Opera, ela é pior ainda.

  • Não localiza o conteúdo que preciso. Está indicada como substituta ao DownThemAll mas não possui a mesma capacidade.

  • this add-on is garbage compared to downthemall, it is by no means a replacement. as there is no replacement for downthemall it seems that i may be forced to go back to classic, it is mid 2018, mozilla needs to either expand support for downthemall or get a better built in downloader.

  • Takes fore ever to find media or to dl it
    I want my flash got version back

  • Parece sencillo de configurar y de usar, buen reemplazo del Flash Get